Show Notes

Even Millionaires Have Money Blocks – Here’s How to Deal With Them

I teach money blocks because people assume,  that I have a perfect relationship with money. That's not true. In my experience, talking to entrepreneurs at all levels about their success and money blocks is an inevitable part of being in business. Not even millionaires and multimillionaires are immune to the occasional freak-out about money, and if they are proliferating, they will hit themselves on self-imposed limits regularly. The good news is that you are entirely normal, and the bad news is that you'll never be able to clear your money blocks completely. Now, dealing with money blocks, the even better news is that it doesn't really matter that much. You can learn to recognize them, dance with them, and move on, all while increasing your income to new levels.

Here are four ways to shift your money mindset and work on your money blocks.

Number 1: Write down your biggest money blocks and then go through the list and ask yourself, is this really true?
Number 2: Book out regular time each week to look at your money blocks and assess whether they are really true or not.
Number 3: Hunt down any sabotaging behaviors, and notice where you are hiding away or feeling guilty.
Number 4: Add a mindset expert to your team, including working with someone like me to release your money blocks.

In this episode, key takeaways:

1. Keep working at different levels of your business.
2. Don't beat yourself over your belief system.
3. You have to learn to move through them regardless and keep moving forward.
4. Your personal sabotage plan will pop up in your head regularly.

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