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Millionaire Mindset Lesson - There’s Always More Money

Today I'm sharing with you one of my key millionaire mindset lessons. Now, becoming a millionaire doesn't really make you special or clever, but the truth is that my biggest secret for becoming one is focusing on very specific mindset upgrades.  Now this is the first mindset lesson I want you to master, and that's there's always more money. There's always more money. One of the cornerstones of Soul Rich Woman philosophy is that there's always more because as a Soul Rich Woman, the soul is rich, abundant, and full. There's enough for everyone. And we live in a world of abundance. That's why we have Soul and rich. You can be rich in health, wealth, and happiness and full of it. Have you noticed there's always at least one more happen when you look for it, or color when you look for it? There's always another hair clip when you really want to find it. There's always one more coin in the bottom of your purse, or one more sweet at the bottom of your bag for your kid when your child asks for it. I'm not saying that income inequality isn't real and that there's no poverty in the world, but chances are you have every opportunity to change your circumstances. 

Number 1: One way we keep ourselves small is by thinking that the world is a zero game.
Number 2: There is no limit to what you can dream. 
Number 3: There's no cap to your earning potential. 
Number 4: You have brilliance and a diamond is within you and you deserve to shine.
Number 5: The universe sometimes will manifest itself.

In this episode, key takeaways:

1. All wealthy women are great for the planet. 
2. Tell yourself there's always enough.
3. Always believe that there is enough.
4. There are always more opportunities.
5. There are always more ideas.

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