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Things you can avoid when picking a business coach

I'm sure you're not too new to the online business world. Like me, you have probably done a million courses in marketing, sales, and also in confidence. You are probably reading business and personal development books, listening to podcasts, and dreaming about the possibilities for your own life. Most of the creative entrepreneurs I know are hungry for insights and ideas on how to grow a business, and they are ready to develop more confidence or create new habits to grow to their full potential. Working for yourself is an incredible privilege, one that gives you freedom and keeps earning potential and the chance to make a significant impact. I know this is happening globally, but we still live in an incredible time. People like yourself have a dream of having the tools and technology to make it happen. Your working pace, creative process, or motivation might be completely different from other people, and it can be really difficult to find a mentor who looks like you or understands the stage of business and life you're at.

I encourage you to search for a mentor whom you believe in, with the type of results you're seeking and the framework that gives you personalized, practical advice.

Number 1: Someone who has been there, done that.
Number 2: Someone who has got the experience that you are looking for.
Number 3: Look at the testimonials that you have seen and assess accordingly.
Number 4: Have a one-on-one session with the mentor that you want to invest in, like a clarity call.
Number 5: Always check in with yourself. Are you willing or able to open up fully to communicate with your mentor?

In this episode, key takeaways:

1. You can build your business on intuition or through painful trial and error. 
2. You can try to change who you are or copy the gurus.   
3. You can take the shortcut journey with a more personalized path for you. 
4. Knowing who you are as a person is important.
5. What you value, your strengths, your needs, and your challenges must be taken into consideration.

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