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How do You Gather Your Ultimate Million-Dollar Mastermind Group

I want to share with you how to gather your ultimate million-dollar mastermind group. Remember, you are the average of the six people that you hang out with the most. Now, what this means is what they're thinking their energy, what they do, and their outputs, all influence you. The group of friends of mastermind buddies whom you know will always have your back. These are your right-or-die friends and mastermind buddies. They are the ones you call when everything's gone wrong in your business, on your life, and who you know will pick you up and tell you it's okay and kick you in the ass if you need them to as well. They are friends with whom you celebrate your successes, your AHAs, your screw-ups and stuff, and more. So upgrading your friendships can feel really sad and difficult at times. It's true because if you are working hard on your money mindset, your business, and your money blocks, your fellow members are not doing the same thing energetically. All of you are at a different level and at a different frequency.

Now, if you feel any of the following, it might be because it's time to upgrade your mastermind people.

Number 1: A drop in your energy.
Number 2: Irritated at the thought of seeing them.
Number 3: Total rolling of eyeballs from left to right when everybody just keeps whining.
Number 4: You always love an excuse to skip the next session.

In this episode, key takeaways:

1. When our energy is up and going, we get things done.
2. Your mindset is the most important thing to succeed in your manifestation.
3. When you let it go, there is space in your heart to receive more.
4. The key thing is always to let go, to welcome the new possibilities in your life.

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