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I want to talk about the end of your ritual to finish the year with a bang. Now for most, 2020 and 2021 have been a really rough year. No one could have predicted what the last 24 months have thrown at us. If you have made it through physically and emotionally in one piece, congratulations! You are amazing. And even if you haven't, that's okay too. Now, if you have had a good year, despite the obvious, then I want you to celebrate without guilt, without shame, with our heartbreaks. However, the year has gone and especially if things didn't go to plan, I recommend this year-end ritual to close out the year and you have the power to completely change your experience this brand new year that's coming up.

Let's end the year with one really simple but profound year-end-of-the-year ritual. This one has completely changed my life repeatedly, and it doesn't matter how hangover that you have on New Year's Day.

Number 1: Make a list of everything, every single thing that you are proud of.
Number 2: Take turns with your partner asking each other what you're proud of.
Number 3: Start with, what I'm proud of and list things like learning.
Number 4: Then you can move to business accomplishments.
Number 5: Then you can move to tricky situations that you've dealt with.
Number 6: Ask the next question, "What else?" And wait.
Number 7: Keep asking until you have at least 50 of the items that you are proud of.

In this episode, key takeaways:

1. Best to do this with someone who really understands you.
2. Best to do this with someone who really sees you for you and your accomplishments.
3. Best to do this with someone who will draw out all this list of things that you are proud of this year.
4. Don't be shy or modest.
5. The list of accomplishments and things that you're proud of is important.
6. Recognizing everything you've achieved in this phase of adversity is so good for you.
7. It's great to manifest and to acknowledge all your wins, both big and small.

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