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Money And Me Power To Get Anything You Desire Step 5 of 5

A lot of women are not really good at the receiving part, and I think it comes down to that naturally, either because of our family, because of the people around us, because of our upbringing, because of our husbands, whatever. There are always reasons why we are taught in a certain way, our education system. We are told to give more than we receive and only when we give, and then we will receive. That's what the whole world is talking about. That's what everybody is saying. The education system, our family, our business associates, whatever. So you are probably blocking abundance from the universe in big and small ways. From the manifesting point of view, that's why a lot of women are not able to receive that is a form of rejecting abundance, rejecting your own f word, fabulous freedom, financial independence, and happy family. 
Number 1: Practice receiving compliments.
Number 2: Have gratitude for every single form of abundance.
Number 3: Clear your money blocks
Number 4: Surround yourself with the correct positive people.
Number 5: Deal with the mindset, specifically the money mindset.

In this episode, key takeaways:

1. Start in small ways.
2. Be aware of what goes on behind your mind.
3. Become a magnet to whatever that you want.
4. You are allowed to make money and inspire help people.
5. The magic is amplified when we all worked together.

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