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Money And Me Power To Get Anything You Desire Step 3 of 5

We have already talked about the first two steps of the Manifesting Formula. Now the third step is a really crucial one. This is where a lot of people quit before they get started. Another problem around Manifesting is really very easy to get excited at the beginning. And then you lose steam, you lose enthusiasm, and you lose those positive vibes. Is it because whether you are busy, something comes up along the way and then there could be something new? So like a shiny star object syndrome comes up. So all these things will distract you as you are pursuing this manifesting formula towards becoming a Soul Rich Woman or achieving your Soul Goals and the dreams that you want. You have to get into that flow of positivity. And when you do that, and when those synchronicities or what we call things that look like intuitively start to happen to you, or suddenly you start to see opportunities, start to see lucky things happening, that's when all the things start to feel magical. 

We also want to be realistic about this. The manifesting formula is practical. That's why positive anchors are so important. You need to create things that will remind you of your goal constantly and keep your intentions focused. And when you feel really good about your goal, you are going to start to act in different ways. And that's going to make the next step much easier if you can hack that.   

Number 1: Embrace the power of positive and automatic anchors.
Number 2: Prime yourself subconsciously, not as a victim, but as a positive one to achieve your goal.
Number 3: Build a really strong foundation of belief from multiple angles.
Number 4: Use different way to remind yourself.
Number 5: Manifesting is to make things real.

In this episode, key takeaways:

1. Passwords are very important and it's easy to do it as a manifesting anchor.
2. Put that goal or that dream very clearly and distinctively into your space so that it will go into your mind. 
3. Layer them into your life so that you're not working too hard all the time to remember your goal. 
4. The magic is in the details and the repetition.
5. Give yourself the best chance of achieving your goals.   

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