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Money And Me Power To Get Anything You Desire Step 2 of 5

Step two of my free manifesting workshop is getting really specific about what you want, otherwise known as goal setting. But probably not in the way that you have done it before. You might actually be asking for the wrong thing in your dream, in your goal by not really knowing it, or you might be giving mixed messages to the universe. I find that a lot, especially women, are not used to asking for what we want because of our culture, because our family, because of whatever reason, and because we judge ourselves and we judge others. In a very clear way, we can be fuzzy and unclear on our request to the universe.

Let me give you a couple of examples of some fuzzy, indistinct goals and dreams.   

Number 1: I just want to be happier.
Number 2: I don't want to worry about my income tax anymore.
Number 3: I just want the peace of my mind.
Number 4: I don't want to think about money and I want to be successful.
Number 5: I just want to feel like I'm giving, always, and feel abundant.
Number 6: I want to be wealthy.

In this episode, key takeaways:

1. You have to get better at goal setting.
2. You have to be specific.
3. Don't be afraid to set goals.
4. Turbocharge your goal.
5. Don't get too perfectionist about it.

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