Show Notes

1 Simple Daily Action That’ll Change Your Relationship With Money Forever!
I want to talk about one simple daily action that will change your relationship with money forever. The life-changing habit is tracking your money. It's about mindfully tracking what comes into your life. When you track your income and use this trend test a formula that I practice every single day you will notice the increased awareness around your finances and being a more positive person. And in fact, this reinforcement allows a more positive behavior towards your money energy. Plus the way we are going to do it enhances one of the most powerful emotions for manifesting gratitude. 

Number 1: Activating our brain's reticular activating system.
Number 2: Track anything of value.
Number 3: Shift your focus on manifesting.

In this episode, key takeaways:

1. Train your brain to look for it.
2. Every time you get something free, you need to track it.
3. We are very good at attracting what we need and when we need it.

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