Show Notes

Does Valentine’s Day trigger your money blocks (or any special occasion)

Does Valentine's Day trigger your money blocks? Or maybe any holiday or upcoming special occasions like birthdays, Mother's Day? I want you to get ready and prepared for what's coming up for you, especially on all your special occasions. Using Valentine's Day as a guideline. Valentine's Day can be full of love and sweetness and of course, roses. But let's face it, it can be also feeling lonely. And it might bring up all money stories about your self worth and your deservingness to receive all the emotions disappointment, resentment, fears, formal, shame. To be honest, gorgeous, any gift giving holiday is an opportunity to examine your money blocks.

Let's talk about three money blocks that are perfect during this time.

Money Block 1: Am I worthy?
Money Block 2: It's not okay for me to receive.
Money Block 3: I'm not good enough.

In this episode, key takeaways:

1. It is safe for me to be celebrated.
2. Practicing receiving you can receive a lot more abundance.
3. You are infinitely valuable.

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