16: How I Found My Self-Esteem By Investing Into Personal Development

I’m so glad you are checking out today’s sharing. How I found my self-esteem once again by doing healing work. Now I’m really very blessed. In 2006 I won Ms. Singapore Universe. I was placed runner up and then later on I competed again in Ms. Singapore International and I won the main title which means, I got number one and I represented Singapore in Japan and China.

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Episode 16: How I found my self-esteem by investing in personal development 

I believe we can change the world, but first, we’ve got to stop living in fear of being judged for who we are. 

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Hello and welcome to today’s episode, I’m so glad you are checking out today’s sharing, how I found myself as teen once again by doing healing work.
Now I’m really very blessed. In 2006, I won Miss Singapore Universe, I have placed runner up, and then later on I competed again in Miss Singapore International and I won the main title which means I got number one and I represent Singapore in Japan and China.

So, it was during this time that my horizons open up, it was during this time that my life was transformed because it was once in a lifetime opportunity, knowing that I didn’t have money for travels, I didn’t have a lot of chances because of my social-economic background and I’m truly blessed to have friends who encourage me to join the beauty pageant right in the first place, I didn’t believe myself, it is them who sign me up and I’m not rich and I thought that I’m sure I’m not gonna win but with their encouragement and with really good friends who’ve to give me moral support throughout the entire journey. 

Well, I made it. So, yes friends are very important. As I said, it’s not about the quantity but quality of friends. Okay? So remember that.   

So, when I won Miss Singapore, I had a lot of opportunities to be ambassadress of, I had been a brand ambassador for huge beauty brands like L'oreal, SK II, even done advertisements for McDonald's and many more. So my life really really was transformed and one of the biggest things was I was an ambassador of a company and they introduced me to kind of like healing courses that I’ve never ever done my entire life, I don’t even know what that means, besides my own learning and something that heard before was by Louise Hay like “You can heal your life”, you know she probably the only person that I know that impacted my life, talking about information, transformations, transforming my prosperity mindset, things like that, the power within me.

Well, that’s the kind of healing work that I know that was possible, but I got introduced to this program calls “Psychology of Vision” and it was founded by Dr. Chuck Spezzano and Lency Spezzano and it was really an eye-opener, I did really deeper inner healing work beyond just telling yourself information, going deeper within, you know, looking to my mindset, you know, how to change your mind and change the world.

Now, anyway I’m just gonna share with you the book by Dr. Chuck Spezzano, if you were to listen to this episode right now, this is book the book that I like to recommend you, this is fifty ways to change your mind and change the world by Dr. Chuck Spezzano, the spell is C-H-U-C-K S-P-E-Z-Z-A-N-O, search him and go grab the books, I think it really transformed the way I do my things and do my life literally, so I was introduced to this program in Taiwan before it was in Singapore and have to travel to Taiwan to do the courses, it was like four days, three days, ten days, twelve days and I literally took out some part of my savings and invested in myself to continue education, so some parts of it was sponsored at the beginning, but later part, I continued my education myself and I discovered that a lot of junk in our life, a lot of decisions that we made about ourselves that are not true and whatever that we think of on the inside about ourselves reflect on the outside, so they gave me a chance to look into my inner world how I was framing myself, to sabotage myself how I should be unlocking all these negative vibes and turning them by positive vibes by three key principles.

First, loving myself. Two, forgiving myself. Three, embracing the gifts that really the God or the universe has caught me upon to this planet earth. 

So, by receiving these three concepts during the healing processes, I also move forward to do a lot more types of healing work, like for example, I went to do family constellations and understand the family dynamics and healing my dynamics within my own family as well. 

So, I found it. Life is like a box of tissue paper, it’s never-ending. Even up to today, fast forward. I’m still doing my inner healing work and that is the fundamental daily routine that I do, that I kind of love myself and knowing myself, I forgive myself and I treat myself literally every single time I have some awareness of what’s going on.

So what you can do is you can take a notebook and always get rid of all those side noises that you have. You know, just document it down and then address it there, so healing work really open up my life and transform my life, I wanna encourage you to take a step forward and say, “What other things can you do for yourself”, so I open up my mind to inner healing work and later on, I went on to also do an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), I went to do timeline therapy as certification, as a coach and also human therapy, timeline therapy, NLP. These are some of the other things that I did. 
                                                                            So I never stop my inner healing work and I find that it’s a major part of anybody’s journey, really anybody’s journey. So for you, who haven't started or have stopped, maybe for months now and you hear today’s episode, it’s probably time for you to restart again.
So, first thing first, go look at the book by Dr. Chuck Spezzano “Fifty ways to change your mind and change the world”. Number two, another author that I really look up to and her work transformed my life as well in early stages is by Louise Hay, L-O-U-I-S-E H-A-Y, so get started and search their books and get started once again and if you like to attend anymore courses, well the next one that you can look into is like psychology or vision, another program that I recommend is “Money and you”, M-O-N-E-Y A-N-D Y-O-U.
So, inner healing work has open up my life and I like you to do the same, and that’s why I’m able to be happy and I’m actually very contented and very happy with my life, and I know that whatever that happens, it’s not about me anymore, it’s about the other party, the one that I will talk about and share more of another day but what I’m trying to say is I have really kind of like lift and reach a point where I know that there are things I can be in control of and whatever I am not in control of sometimes is never about me, so how can you kind of like transform your own mindset to know that you don’t have to be right, you just need to choose to be happy and there are like principles of healing concepts that you can actually explore, so go get the books, alright?

I don’t want to like to overwhelm you with so many other different things, I will share more as we go along, as you join me with new episodes. But at least, today you know that “Hey, I do have come a long way, I also go through a lot, you know work and even now as a successful entrepreneur leading to her thousand women across the region moving to one million women, I do keep doing my inner healing work, never give up because life is like a box of tissue paper, it just keeps doing, it just keeps going, your life will only get better.

Okay? I love you and speak to you soon. Bye for now!

I hope you enjoyed today’s sharing and I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you for the next episode.

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