21: #1 Secret Behind Delegating 80% Of Your To-Do List Means Love Your People First

I want to share with you how we hire people and how we communicate with our team. We will be talking about delegating 80% of your to-do list. Tune in to learn more.

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Show Notes

Episode 21: #1 Secret Behind Delegating 80% Of Your To-Do List Means Love Your People First
Hello and welcome to today’s episode, I’m Genecia Alluora thank you for joining me today. I want to share with you how we hire people and how we communicate with our team. We will be talking about delegating 80% of your to-do list then the question is how do we hire and what are the selection criteria and eventually how do you grow them? 

Love your people first(02:11 - 02:16) I think the first thing first is we must get this philosophy correct.

(02:17 - 02:40) First and foremost you must love your people first, love your people first. I think that’s the value I bring to my culture of Soul Rich Woman and even in my previous businesses in 2013, we loved our people first, yes profits are important, yes it’s important to get to the revenue that we want.

(02:42 - 03:05) Whatever that may be, and however it looks to you, love your people first. Love our people first. Why? Because if you love your people first, okay, while balancing your profits and your P&L, if you love your people first your people will work hard for you and with you.

Do a good interview with people and look for what you value(03:08 - 03:34) The first thing when we hire people, and of course when you are hiring we must also do a good interview. What do I mean by good interview? You must see what you value. So there’s always a few questions that I always ask in all my interviews, why do they become a virtual assistant, why do they become a VA? How can you help me to be successful? What is your dream?

(03:35 - 03:53) All of these simple little questions will show me what kind of person he or she likes. Like I would never hire a person who talks to me about salary first, that’ for sure, because if this person comes in to talk about money first 

(04:02 - 04:18) it means that another company will hire, who is able to pay better or higher, this person will move and this person will be hopping and for us we don’t want to hire people who are what we call job hoppers.

Building a trust loving family(04:21 - 04:46) We love the culture of loyalty, we love to build our trust, trust-loving family like a culture where my VAs are not VAs like subject, like things, but my VAs are like my family and by building this culture of trust, and knowing that they will work hard for me and with me. They also know that I’m with them.

(04:47 - 04:52) Take for example, Covid-19, when everyone's losing their jobs,

(05:06 - 05:21) Soul Rich Woman is able to keep our team, pay their salary on time, helping these women to continue to feed their families and take care of their families. And that is important to me.

(05:43 - 06:10) Many of them are with us, stable, secure and able to know that there is a possibility of growth because we move them to do different things into the department, they learn different things, different skill sets. They build themselves up so it’s not one person do that same thing forever, they get to try and experiment and see where they like and see how they thrive within the certain areas in the organization.

Understanding the culture you’ve set, the whole team will thrive(06:11 - 06:40) So loving our people first, loving my people first, has allowed me to build a team, a culture where they know that I’m there for them. And I know that I can leave them independently to run with the systems and processes that we have set in place and this is a huge time saver that most people don't see. Because when I empower them, yes they make mistakes, I mean let’s put it upfront, nobody’s perfect. 

(06:41 - 06:53) But when you’re able to understand that you already have a system and process in place and that you have a certain culture the team will thrive, and you will thrive, and your business will thrive.

(06:54 - 07:05) So knowing that when you set a culture is key to one of the greatest successes in terms of running an entire virtual team virtually, online.

(07:06 - 07:27) None of them I have met before. I’ve probably seen them online during the interviews, or some of them just through pictures and their social media but you know what? You know it’s how you connect with them and communicate with them, encourage them and allow them to talk to you.

How do I allow my people to talk to me?(07:29 - 07:32) I wanna share with you how I do that. So I always set house rules.

(07:34 - 07:41) First, ask clarifying questions. I always tell them if you don’t know, don’t pretend to know.

(07:47 - 08:06) Number two, when in doubt, ask for help. Number three, assumptions are the worst thing that can happen, so don’t assume, always ask for help if possible and ask clarifying questions. Last one is always put into the process.

(08:56 - 09:07) So having that SOP in place, that process in place allows me to manage my team and manage my team leads better and use my time more effectively.

(09:08 - 09:26) So love your people first so that they work hard for you and with you working hard together with them because work heart and work hard goes hand in hand.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Working with a heart and working hard goes hand in hand

  2. Love your people and they will reciprocate loyalty and hard work

  3. Never assume

  4. Ask clarifying questions a much a possible

  5. Let your people grow by letting them explore their skill sets.

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