Are you convinced that you need to be online, but you aren't quite sure what steps to take? How to live with passion and hustle and how to give yourself grace online without giving up.

In this episode, I talk about the myths of pursuing a passion and hustle, and share what it really takes to go online.

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Show Notes

Episode 10: How to live with passion and hustle and how to give yourself grace online without giving up

Hello and welcome to today’s episode. Are you convinced that you need to be online but you aren’t quite sure what steps to take? Hello, I’m Genecia Alluora. The struggle is very real when you know that you need to be online but not sure what steps you must take. 
Concerns when going online(01:50 - 02:00) A woman should help a woman for free. If you say that you’re a woman and that you’re helping someone, you have a community, then you should help me for free. 
(02:02 - 02:23) If I were to go online, and if I were to ask for help you will judge me. I’m afraid to ask for help. I don’t want to show you how vulnerable I am. I can do it myself. I can just google, youtube, and put everything together myself. 
(02:24 - 02:31) You see, why are you telling yourself all these lies? 
Women psychology on helping for free(02:32 - 02:48) I’ve done Soul Rich Woman since 2015 and dive deep into women psychology in the last five years. And of course, since 2006 I have also been supporting women but now even so deeper than ever before. 
(02:49 - 03:06) I realize that women who say ‘a woman should help women for free are very, very significant. It’s tough when you’re a woman you just say ‘okay I want to help you’ and then the person will say ‘okay, let’s do it free’ and you be like what?
(03:07 - 03:30) Why would you expect a woman whom... We are all encouraging women to rise up, to 10x the financial independence and you’re expecting another woman to help you for free? I know it’s a four-letter F-word but it’s not part of what we believe in here in Soul Rich Woman.
(03:31 - 03:48) We want women to rise up to their financial independence so if a woman has gone expertise, she has got a lot of experience, she has structure and has helped many other people to be successful way before you? Then why should it be free? 
(03:49 - 04:00) Of course, let’s not mix it with charity, that's another story altogether. Here, we’re talking about profitability and a sustainable business model.
Afraid to be judged and ask for help(04:04 - 04:26) That is why we tell our stories and we own it and tell it like it is. And if you think by sharing our story, my story, it is not enough for you then maybe I’m just not suitable for you. Maybe you should be looking for someone else to help you to go online. 
(04:27 - 04:52) Some of you are thinking ‘I’m too afraid to ask for help’. Well, my dear girl, only when you ask for help, you then can come into a place, a safe place, where like-minded women are able to support you to go from offline to online. To bring your business online. To be seen and recognized as a leader online. Shortcut your way to success(04:58 - 05:07) Yes, there are people who can DIY out there but why do you want to do it the long way, how much is your time worth? 
(05:35 - 05:41) Do you know how much income loss have you lost because you are trying to do it yourself?  
(05:43 - 06:08) We help you to really recognize and shortcut your success. To go from offline to online. To break free of your comfort zone, get out of your victim mindset and really recognize the patterns of not excellence, but patterns of victim mindset, turning around into patterns of excellence in a Soul Rich Woman.
(08:11 - 08:31) So today, you need to do just this, find a mentor. Invest in yourself. Ask for help. Stop thinking that when you ask somebody to help you it must be free. This is the wrong mindset, change that today. 
(08:52 - 09:14) Pay for a mentor and don’t expect it to be free. Time to transform your victim mindset and stop those lies that you’ve been telling yourself and now to live with passion and hustle and how to give yourself grace without giving up. Find a mentor and this time around, pay for one.
Key Takeaways:

  1. Invest in yourself

  2. Find a mentor that resonates with you

  3. Get out of your victim mindset

  4. Reach out and ask for help

  5. Stop all those lies that you’ve been telling yourself.

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