38: How To Get Clients Who Don't Waste Your Time (They are serious buyers!) Teaser or filter? Apply this strategy if you want to save time and get clients who are serious about your business.

Today I wanna talk about the 80-20 rule. You know, I used to hate selling because I was getting a certain exposure so selling wasn’t a natural thing for me because it was easy for clients to come to me when I’m seen as a celebrity, seen as an influencer in the beauty and image consultancy line. But when I transitioned to business full time the journey that I’ve been through taught me how to balance between the 80% rule and the 20% rule. Find out more by tuning in to this episode!

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Show Notes

Episode 38: How To Get Clients Who Don't Waste Your Time (They are serious buyers!)
Hello, I’m your host Genecia Alluora. Today my topic is why do we do clarity calls or coaching calls at the lowest part of the value ladder? First I wanna talk about why we do a teaser piece in our business to see whether we can be a good fit to our customer or not. Tune in to this episode for more deets!

Always have teaser pocket right upfront(02:35 - 02:56) The main reason why I encourage you whether you’re a service provider, you’re a b2b business owner, you’re a female entrepreneur, you’re a mompreneur, whichever -preneur you are, always have a teaser pocket right upfront in order to filter up people who are not suitable.

(02:58 - 03:18) Through many years because I’ve gone online and I use this method of filtering through clarity calls that are not free anymore. Previously, long time ago when I was doing image consultancy, till trading time for money my meetups were free.

(03:31 - 03:44) Whether you’re selling a 20 dollar product or 2,000 dollar product in that few hours definitely you won’t be able to sell or promote, or close, or market to the client or potential client to be because

Value the power of value exchange(03:46 - 03:57) The first part was not already valued. At a certain value that both parties agree on, which means the power of the value exchange. 

(03:58 - 04:08) So why am I talking about this? Previously I did it for free and then later on I moved online and I learned how to charge my worth.

(04:17 - 04:43) This teaser piece is related to an appetizer, is related to a piece of value exchange, is related to how much do you think your time is worth and how much are you worth as a person in terms of your knowledge, and your skills, and time.

(04:46 - 04:48) And many women undercharge themselves.

(05:14 - 05:33) Having a teaser piece that allows you and your customers or potential customers to agree that the time is valuable. And that allows you to check each other out whether both of you are a good fit or not.

Filter customers who are serious about you and your product(05:45 - 06:13) Let me put a perspective for you, why do you pay a lawyer a first upfront consultation fee and then eventually decide whether to engage or not to engage your lawyer. Why do you pay a doctor a consultation fee and then, later on, decide whether to move ahead with the treatments or not to become his patient? 

(06:15 - 06:36) Then isn’t your business the same thing? Are you any lesser than a doctor or a lawyer? I mean, literally, is your years of knowledge and accumulation of experiences not worth more or equal than that? 

(06:41 - 07:02) Are you charging what you’re worth? Are you using any teaser or appetizer pieces that are payable? So that at least your time spent can be also looking into filtering customers who are serious about you and your product and your services.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Have a teaser pocket to filter out customers who are a good fit to you. 

  2. Ave your time by filtering out the right customers for you.

  3. Know your worth

  4. Don’t undercharge yourself

  5. Use the power of value exchange

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