37: The 80-20 rule. Are you on top of your business or in busyness?

Show Notes

Episode 37: The 80-20 rule. Are you on top of your business or in busyness?
Hello gorgeous! I am your host Genecia Alluora. Today I wanna talk about the 80-20 rule. You know, I used to hate selling because I was getting a certain exposure so selling wasn’t a natural thing for me because it was easy for clients to come to me when I’m seen as a celebrity, seen as an influencer in the beauty and image consultancy line. But when I transitioned to business full time the journey that I’ve been through taught me how to balance between the 80% rule and the 20% rule. Find out more by tuning in to this episode!

Do the 80-20 rule in your business(03:07 - 03:30) The context is that why am I sharing that I hate to sell and I don’t like to sell is because I don’t know how magical it is to know the art and science of sales. And the 20% rule is that you should be only spending 20% of your time in operations. 

(03:31 - 03:38) And not be stuck in your business. And be spending 80% of your time doing sales and marketing.

(03:53 - 04:12) It’s not by being inside the business and doing nothing. It’s all about marketing, marketing, marketing, sales, and marketing. So 80% sales and marketing and be on top of the business and not be in the business. 

(04:13 - 04:40) When I did, I did eventually bring my business online in 2013 when I shared with you when I crossed my first million dollars. Well, the same thing, 80% of my time was spent on sales and marketing. And 20% of my time is spent in operations of course that’s after setting up sales and processes, right? That’s important.

(04:42 - 04:54) And now, growing Soul Rich Woman and having a virtual team worldwide and of course supporting one million women across the world. 

Marketing the right way, at the right time, with the right people(06:05 - 06:27) Marketing it in the right way to the right people to the right audience. That is the best way customers can be served by us because if they were to buy and purchase and by the notion of products and services that is when they are going to be benefited.

(10:40 - 11:12) The part about value exchange is directly related, I would say not really directly related but it’s somewhat related to the point I’m trying to make about being able to let customers invest in themselves. And that when you know that sales and marketing is the life, blood of your business, 80% versus 20% so that you can be on top of the business and not be stuck in your business

(11:13 - 11:40) that is when your business, your passion, and your talent no matter if you're a solopreneur or a stay-at-home mom or female entrepreneur, no matter what stage you're at, this will prosper your business if you really understood it and take action on it.

Key Takeaways
1. It’s all about sales and marketing2. Be on top of the business and not be in the business. 3. Balance the 80-20 rule when it comes to your business4. Marketing it in the right way is the best way customers can be served.5. Don’t be stuck in your business, move forward!
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