(interview) Not Everything Is As It Seems - Women in Power Singapore with Genecia Alluora
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Show Notes

Speaker 1: A strong and independent woman is something to behold. She pays her own bills, buys her own things, and she doesn't let a man affect her stability or self-confidence. She is a Soul Rich woman. Are you ready to be rich doing what you love beyond on purpose and in control of your life again? As for women who love the F-word podcast, we will be openly talking about getting more clients online, getting recognition as the leader and female entrepreneur and also the F word. Being fabulous, having freedom and financial independence. It's time to own and love the F word. Welcome to the show.

Speaker 2: Elena Cardone started her career in Hollywood and soon became a successful actress and model of TV and film fame. A lifelong competitive sport shooter and now author, businesswoman public speaker, empire builder and visionary. Elena currently hosts her own show, Women in Power and cohosts the G and E show with her husband Grant Cardone, who is also the best-selling author, entrepreneur, and real estate investor. Together they have created a real estate portfolio of almost $1 billion. Elena has been happily married since 2004, July 4 to be exact, in their lives with her husband Grant and their two daughters Sabrina and Scarlett in Miami Beach. Elena came to Singapore together with Grant over a week and they were here to speak at the National Achievers Congress. Someone introduced us and we became friends and got me in for her interview as one of her guests. And in return, I also interviewed her as well on her story. So do take a listen. I hope you enjoyed these episodes.

Speaker 3: Welcome to this week's episode of Women Empower. Today, I have Ms. Genecia Alluora. She is Woman Empower Singapore. She has won Miss Singapore and Miss Singapore International. She represents Singapore not only once, but twice. Who does that? This woman, that's who. She also founded and is the creator of Soul Rich Woman Asia. And she connects about 200,000 plus women in the entrepreneurial space and really educates and elevates and motivates women to represent themselves at the highest level. So, without further ado, thank you so much for being on the show. It is such an honor and a pleasure to meet you.

Speaker 4: Thank you for having me on your show.

Speaker 3: It is wonderful to have you. So, okay, bring me back so my audience can understand. Have you always just been this successful go getter type woman or was this something you developed? How were you raised?

Speaker 4: Well, a little bit of my back story. A lot of people thought that when I was Miss Singapore, they think that I'm born with a silver spoon.

Speaker 3: That's what everyone would think. Looking at you, you looked so beautiful and so together and so intelligent. It's like, okay.

Speaker 4: Well, it didn't start that way. I had to support myself through school since I was 14 years old, teaching yoga, aerobics and line dancing through my school years. So I put myself through college. I put myself through University. So it was really tough.

Speaker 3: So why did you have to support yourself at 14 most?

Speaker 4: Well, at that time, my dad lost everything due to the financial crisis.

Speaker 3: Was this in 2008?

Speaker 4: Way back more.

Speaker 3: Way back more. Okay, well, you're way young to me.

Speaker 4: Okay. Yeah. And because of that, I had to come out and do my own stuff. And I think that has really molded me through my years. And then after that, I became an occupational therapist.

Speaker 5: Wow.

Speaker 4: Yes.

Speaker 3: So at 14, when the crash happened, your father lost everything. Did he say you have to go to work or was this now an initiative that you took on your own?

Speaker 4: My mom kicked my ass. She pawned her gold, her jewelry to give me the money to do the certification as an instructor. So back then, I was the youngest instructor in Singapore, and then I went on to do classes. But it was not easy because when I'm seeing other girls doing things in their free time, they are going to the movies, going for shopping, and then I'm working after school. So can you imagine waking up 05:00 a.m. in the morning to go to school?

Speaker 3: Not at 14.

Speaker 4: And then 12:00 p.m. 1, you finish class after that project work, you finish about 4, and after that I rest for about an hour, take a quick nap, and I rush for classes back to back from 07:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.. Wow. And by the time I reach home, I'm really exhausted. And that went on for many years.

Speaker 3: So that's what I call the sacrifice phase, which you probably didn't appreciate at the time.

Oh, I totally hated it.

You hated sacrifice phase. Are you now glad that you did sacrifice phase?

Speaker 4: Yes, definitely. Because I've come a long way and I have experiences. Now, it's time to share and shortcut other women's journey and empower others. Because empowered women empower others.

Speaker 5: Right. And so, when you finally got to this point in your life where you feel like, was it just an urge? Where you felt like, now it's my responsibility to help fast track other women, what point was that? Was it like a certain amount of money you made? Or when were you like, okay, I now know how to take care of myself, I want to branch out and help others now.

Speaker 4: In 2006, I won miss Singapore and I became an image consultant. And that because of my experience teaching and training and coaching. Having the extra skill set was quite easy for me to move forward. My clientele grew. They were CEOs of companies, directors of companies, as well as politicians here in Singapore. After that, I took on this skill and I went on to coach and mentor many women to transform their confidence from being an ugly duckling to a more confident version of themselves. So because I went through that transformation myself too, that movement actually gave me the confidence to do more in my life. In 2012, 2013, I told myself, I'm no longer going to trade time for money. Because as an image consultant, you work, you get paid. You work, you get paid, you work, you get paid. When you stop working, you don't get paid. So I said, you know what? I want to move this online. How can I go online? So I went through a process seeking mentors, looking for coaches to coach me on the process. Spent hundreds and thousands of dollars looking for resources to grow my knowledge.

Speaker 3: So you invested on yourself?

I invested in myself.

How did you have hundred and thousand of dollars?

I saved over the years.

Speaker 5: Wow.

Speaker 4: I worked my way up, and then from there, I took my vision of helping more women to be more confident. And then I started a platform called you are Possible Academy because I launched my own book in 2013. It's about personal branding. Then after that, I went to I went online. Right. That's when I make my first pot of gold.

Speaker 5: Wow. The first pot of gold

Speaker 4: Across my first pot of gold was when I make my first million dollars.

Speaker 3: Wow.

Speaker 4: And then I invested and started a cafe retail chain. We were in three countries singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia.

Speaker 5: Wow.

Speaker 4: And then we had seven outlets. We exited to a public listed company owner just recently.

Speaker 5: Wow.

Speaker 4: During this whole period, my heart has always been with the women. Even though I was doing retail business and it was tough, and I was called to this it's just like calling the back of my head. It's like, Genecia, you got to do you got to do this. You can't just give up the women and just do a cafe retail chain. You got to move up and do more. So during the time I was based in Indonesia for two years, running the caffe retail chain with my franchisee. I do online. I did webinars, I did online programs. I launched my membership program.

Speaker 3: Are you confident the whole time? Are you scared, like the first webinar you did or you're like, is this going to be a disaster? Do you ever have self doubt or is it just you just go in positive the whole way?

Speaker 4: It was tough because you didn't know how many audience were there. In fact, when I first switched on my webcam and used Google Hangouts back in 2013, there was zero viewers. You know.

I love that.

And it grew from one to ten and then to the first hundred. And that's how You Are Possible Academy grew. Subsequently, the women.

Speaker 3: How long did it take to grow?

Speaker 4: About three years. And I did about 1000 webinars probably every week. I did one every week. Wednesday at 09:00 p.m..

Speaker 3: They're free webinars.

Speaker 4: Free webinars.

Speaker 3: How would you think about the branding?

Speaker 4: Branding. How do you do funnels, marketing, automation? How do you become more confident?

Speaker 3: How long are they?

Speaker 4: By an hour.

Speaker 5: Good. Eleven.

Speaker 4: Okay. And then I kind of moved all these things online, and the women started to come in, and then they said, Genecia, can you not put your possible academy? Because Singapore's education system has so tuned us to, like, in school. So the women in my community feedback to me and said, Genecia, you got to choose a better name.

Speaker 3: No, they're not like, impossible.

Speaker 4: They don't like the name academy. They want something a little bit more, like, with depth and, like, with the inner academy.

Speaker 3: They don't like academy.

Speaker 4: They do like academy. I said, okay, let's do a rebranding. So in 2015, I did a rebranding. It's called Soul Rich Woman because all women have a soul. It's rich, wealthy, and we shine when we have confidence from within. So Soul Rich Woman.

Speaker 3: Okay, love this so far. If you said you went through the transformation yourself, were you an ugly duckling?

Speaker 5: No.

Speaker 4: Yeah, I was.

Speaker 3: Okay, so how does an ugly duckling, which is very difficult for me to buy, by the way, but I'm going to I'm going to buy because I have no reason to believe it would lie to me. But how does an ugly duckling go to Miss Singapore and Miss Singapore International. How did you even know you had it within you in the first place?

Speaker 4: You knew back then, I was bullied. I was really bullied by mean girls in school.

Speaker 3: Wow.

Speaker 4: You know, I was poor. I really didn't have any money to change my bags or even to change my clothes because I had the school clothes. So the mean girls would come to me, you know, PE lessons, what we call physical activities. They will pull my shirt, and then you'll pool open, and then they will see my bra, and they're like, oh, you're wearing the same bra again, like that. And there were times they took my school bag, and then he threw it across the classroom floor, and my books will be all over the floor, and you're like that. So myself. And things took a dip. But you see, I started when I was 14, and I told myself that whatever my family situation, maybe I'm not going to give up.

Speaker 5: Right?

Speaker 4: Yeah. So I took on.

Speaker 3: Did you feel that is the fuel to become determined to make it?

Speaker 4: I knock on doors and say, would you be willing to coach me in my public speaking? I knock on doors. Would you be open to willing to coach me on my image? Would you be willing to train me to walk and have good department? And that was when all these people, what they call the guardians, and people who really helped me and coached me, mentored me to become Miss Singapore.

Speaker 5: Wow.

Speaker 3: And what did that feel like, being crowned Miss Singapore?

Speaker 4: It was life changing, really, once in a lifetime opportunity, because for someone like me, it was a way out. And definitely it allowed me to travel the world. Since then, I've traveled more than what, 10-20 countries, 50 cities because of my title, Miss Singapore. It has given me so much privilege.

Speaker 3: Do people know who you are when you walk on the street?

Speaker 4: Yes. During that time, yes. But now, because I've taken a backseat, more focused on developing the platform Soul Rich Woman, so not so much in the front light, but fronting more on the business lines.

Speaker 3: So when you were crowned Miss Singapore knowing that you had been bullied, that you're the girl that has to go and chase your books around, how do you now wear this crown and now transition from feeling a certain way as that girl to now all of a sudden, people think that you're just that new girl, that new image. Don't you still have the same insecurities as the previous girl? And then what do you do? How do you transition into that life? You just kind of acknowledge them and move forward anyway.

Speaker 4: I'm very blessed to be Miss Singapore. Really, doors open for me, there were transformational causes that changed my life. I invested in myself, went for many, many different courses. In fact, in 2007, I went to Taiwan for a year and took on multiple transformational healing courses to let go of my past, my anger, my hatred, whatever, feelings that all women sometimes have a tendency to hold and play again, like a broken record. So I stopped completely on that, and my life completely flew from there. So it was kind of like a stepping stone.

Speaker 3: Do you feel like or maybe you don't even think about this question, but do you think Asian women have the same advantages as the Western society, culture, Americans, Europeans? Or do you think we're equal, or one has more than the other?

Speaker 4: I believe all women have the same rights, they have same opportunities, same things that have been given to us. However, at the end of the day, Asia is a different animal. We have Vietnam, we are in Malaysia, just race alone. We have different races, and in different races, we have different culture and dialects. And that different permutations because Soul Rich Woman is in Southeast Asia. We're in seven countries, and we're connecting almost 200,000 women across this region. And just alone when we travel to different countries, we have to be a little bit different because women at different phase of their life. Say, for example, when we went to Vietnam in Hanoi, the women in Hanoi versus women in Ho Chi Min are quite different. Women in Hanoi are a little bit more, they told me that they were stigmatized if they were to give up their jobs and go into entrepreneurship. Soul Rich Woman first went to Hanoi in Vietnam, we made a mistake. We didn't know. We were like, oh, you must do a business, have a side hustle. Let's build your empire.

Speaker 3: Right, right.

Speaker 4: And then they said, oh, no, but Genecia, this is not the culture here. Hanoi and Ho Chi Min are two different breeds of women.

Speaker 5: Wow.

Speaker 4: So that's when we learned, we said, oh, then what do you girls need? They say, we need more confidence in our daily lives to stand up for ourselves, to own our power, not just being a housewife and being a working person, but really be able to chase our dreams. That has been swept under the carpet for a very long time. So that was what we did in Hanoi. So that is why in different countries we do different things. Like in Malaysia, women are sighted for two main reasons why they are not able to step out because fear of failure and lack of support from family members. So that's why communities are so important. And that's why in Malaysia, we are also very strong. We have about 500 or 10 members over there. Wow. Supporting each other on your entrepreneurship journey.

Speaker 3: So what do you tell the woman who's struggling maybe with a cultural issue they want to step out, but they're not supported by their family and they don't have the confidence yet to do it, despite of or maybe they don't want to do it because they don't want to lose the respect or that's a toughy situation.

Speaker 4: Really tough.

Speaker 3: Did they come to you for advice? And if they do, what do you tell these women?

Speaker 4: So these women needed more confidence in looking at their dreams and finding the time to love themselves most. Because I find that the key to success for all women is self love. Only when you are able to love yourself, that's when you can give. But most women are empty vessels because they give their kids, they give their husbands, they give to household chores, they give to everything else but forgetting the self love is they key.

Speaker 3: And if they did that first, there would be more for the other.

Speaker 4: Yeah, that's right. Their cup is so full and overflowing.

Speaker 3: Yeah.

Speaker 5: Oh wow. That's awesome.

Speaker 3: And this Soul Rich Woman, what's your proudest success story that's come out of that? Do women tell you that she came from blah blah, blah and then went to what's a good transformational story that really said, I'm on the right path with this.

Speaker 5: Wow. I have heard hundreds of stories.

Speaker 4:  That make it all worth it, right?

Speaker 5: Yeah.

Speaker 4: I think a lot of the women, the main thing amongst all female entrepreneurs, the key thing is always about the C word, which is confidence. But most importantly is the F word.

Speaker 3: The F word. I couldn't wait to talk to you about the F word. She has the F word. You want to tell them what it is?

Speaker 4: Yes. For women who love the F word, being fabulous, having freedom and financial independence.

Speaker 3: Okay, but first of all, does the F word translate as it does in America?

Speaker 4: We have the F word here.

Speaker 3: I say the F word.

Speaker 4: Just joking. But definitely for us, when I talk about the F word, why, I talk about financial independence and not financial freedom. Because the difference  is financial freedom. Of course, you are free to do everyone, probably you have passive income. But for a lot of women, when you're first starting out, how do you even first make a dollar? How do you first even make a first thousand dollars if you're a stay at home mom?

Speaker 5: Right.

Speaker 4: How are you balance that?

Speaker 3: If you hadn't had education, you don't know what you want to do. You don't know what you're good at.

Speaker 4: Yeah, precisely. So you have to start somewhere. So if you are able to earn a $1,000 every single month, passively or online, through online businesses, can you imagine what life will change? You could buy the extra dress for your daughter.

Speaker 3: And is this financial freedom?

Speaker 4: This is more financial independence. That's why I said we want to focus on helping women to be more financially independent. They could be receiving some money from their husbands, that's fine. But could they do something more for themselves? And because of that extra money that they have on hand, they could be more independent to make choices for themselves.

Speaker 3: So let me ask you this. If they go for the financial independence and let's say they have the side job, they're selling makeup on the side online, but they're not neglecting any of their responsibilities as a wife, a mother, or whatever they agreed upon. So this income, does it go to the household or should it be hers or does that not matter? Separate or together?

Speaker 4: And it will be her decision. But what I usually see is women usually keep it and hold it for emergency or things that they are always wanted to do. You see, we women must have a voice.

Speaker 3: I'm the same way. I have our money and then I have my money.

Speaker 4: My money.

Speaker 3: But he has no problem with us having our money, and he has no problem with me having my money. And I love that. I feel really blessed in that area. I'm like, thank you. I don't know what it is in my brain that needs my little thing.

Speaker 4: Yeah. Because we need to make our own choices. And that's when we feel like we have a choice to choose whether we want to give you the money or we give our family the money or I give my own dreams the money.

Speaker 3: To reinvest in yourself. Because when I've heard you say a number of times in this interview.

Speaker 4: Yes. In fact, finding a mentor is why we created Soul Rich Woman was to help women to go from offline to online to be more confident and more customers make a positive impact in the world. If you can't even have a say in what you want to do and be always a victim of your own circumstances, then I'm here to kick some ass, you know, and really to get out of your comfort zone and go towards the dreams that you always wanted to achieve. So that is why being fabulous, having freedom and financial independence is so important.

Speaker 3: Yes. And this is what's brought you kind of, like, alive. I see it in you. It's your passion. And you want this for other women.

Speaker 4: Yeah, I do, too.

Speaker 3: I feel like happy, empowered women or that have the confidence in themselves, they have no need to try to destroy another woman, try to throw their books across the hall, because that came from something. Those girls have a problem. A happy woman or girl does not treat other people like that. You know what I'm saying? So it's like the more that a woman can help herself and find her own confidence, the more she just wants to help and love and nurture other people. I believe it's innately in us.

Speaker 4: That's right. Yeah, that's very true. In fact, I really believe that alone you are strong, together we are unstoppable.

Speaker 3: I say the same thing in this book, build an empire. I say I was raised to believe that I had to do everything by myself. Like, I had to be Miss Independent. Miss Independent. And I tried so hard, and I could only get, like, this far. And it just so happened that when I got together with my husband and that I actually started to depend on somebody else and trust somebody else, and then from there, we added to the team and grew. And now we have staff and people that help us and build. But there is no you're doing it on your own. No empire has ever been built on your own. It takes a team. It takes a village.

Speaker 4: Yes. When a woman is empowered, the whole village benefits.

Speaker 3: Yeah, I agree with that. Because she wants the best for everyone.

Speaker 5: That's right.

Speaker 3: Because she knows ultimately it's going to benefit herself and everyone involved.

Speaker 4: Yes. So when we empower one, we touch a life that one will pass on to the other. So we actually have a mentoring program for girls under 30. So this we actually have cash sponsorships from different women who are more wealth to do. So, they gave us their cash sponsorships, and they gave us so we fund this entire program in Singapore, where we help underprivileged girls, where they don't have those opportunities to learn skills beyond education, which is just the books and the four walls in school.

Speaker 3: Kind of like you.

Speaker 4: Yes. And then help them to give them an opportunity to because not everybody can be Miss Singapore let's put it this way. Can we give them a skill? Because when you give them a skill everyone can be an entrepreneur.

Speaker 3: Because everyone can be an entrepreneur.

Speaker 4: Everyone can be an entrepreneur.

Speaker 3: I believe I do, too.

Speaker 4: Yeah. So, through this program, we want to equip this girl's skill so they can start early. Why do you have to wait till you graduate?

Speaker 3: Why do you have to wait till you went through the whole decade or whatever it wants to figure it out. You figured it out. Here the here's the don't let you go.

Speaker 4: Why do you have to wait until you get married and have kids and then after a failed marriage, and then you come to me and then you say, Genecia, I need help. Why do you have to go through that? Can we shorten it?

Speaker 3: Yes. That's what I wrote this book for. I want to fast track the process .

Speaker 4: Precisely.

Speaker 3: Yes. So can you tell my viewers, can my viewers in America join Soul Rich Woman?

Speaker 4: Yes, you can help. So we definitely need help here in Southeast Asia. We need time, we need resources, and we also need cash, sponsorships. So time, if you are a volunteer, you can volunteer, with us to be let's say you have a skill that you want to share as an entrepreneur. You want to teach funnels. You want to teach how to overcome their mindset. We welcome you if you have resources, like a venue. So we work with people like Facebook, Mercedes-Benz. These are like partners who give us their resources so that we can bring the community together. And that makes a lot of difference.

Speaker 5: Right?

Speaker 4: So venue, if you have resources, like. A jet, for example.

Speaker 3:Girls we've done that.

Speaker 4: Girls who are underprivileged have never had a chance to do all these things. Right? And then if you have cash and money to help us as well, to fund the project to give girls because we want to buy them good things, we want to support the program, we want to give some trainers who help us pro bonu fees, right? We can't expect everyone to do for free because there is some sustainability within the platform itself. Right? So, yes, I took up my part of goal, which is my cafe retail chain. We exited a public listed company. I took out all my money and invested into the platform. So it has to succeed.

Speaker 3: It will succeed.

Speaker 4: There's no other option. It's like the way and the only way.

Speaker 3: And where can people like, if someone wanted to say, okay, I have $100, I have $1,000, I have 10,000, how do they reach you? Or how do they offer their time or their service?

Speaker 4: You can go to be.soulrichwann.com, which is b,e, dot, soulrichwoman. S-O-U-L-R-I-C-H-W-O-M-A-N Woman. Yeah .com.

Speaker 3: Okay. That's awesome. Okay, so before we wrap up, on our last note, what would be a 14 year old self if you had one piece of advice for her? When that backpack went across the wall, the books went and you just I'm sure you probably had a lump in your throat trying to hold back tears, what would you have told that you are now? What would you have told that little girl.

Speaker 4: Your past that's not equal to your future?

Speaker 3: Wow, that's heavy. All these women of the world made me so emotional. I've never cried on Women in Power before. I interviewed this woman last week in Dubai and she made me cry. And now you make me cry. You're so amazing. I cannot thank you enough for coming on this show. You made me cry to exposing this part of the world. And it's so amazing to me. That what I'm finding on my journey around the globe and meeting the women of the world, that we all want the same thing. We all want to help each other, not only ourselves, men as well. But we focus on ourselves for now. Yes. And we all want to make a difference and we all just want to be loved, be taken care of, take care of others. And it's really beautiful. It doesn't matter what culture you are, what religion, what culture.

Speaker 4: Yes.

Speaker 3: We all want the same thing.

Speaker 4: We all want the same thing. We want to be heard. We want our voices to be heard. We want to be seen. We want to be recognized.

Speaker 3: Yes. Thank you so much for being on the show.

Speaker 4: Thank you.

Speaker 3: You are such a beautiful soul. This is a Soul Rich Woman. Thank you so much. From Women in Power, singapore.

Speaker 5: Wow.

Speaker 1: Thank you so much for joining me today. I'm so honored that we are connected.

Speaker 4: And I hope that I can continue to serve you as you build your dreams.

Speaker 1: And if you love this episode and I hope that you did, rate it five stars, give us that glowing review because it will help more women around the world finding this Soul Rich Woman podcast. Alone, you are strong, together we are unstoppable. Now share this with every woman who needs it because this is how we are changing the world, one woman at a time. As always, get out of your comfort zone and go towards the dreams you've always wanted to achieve. For women who love the F word being fabulous, having freedom and financial independence. My dear Soul Rich Woman, sending you my love and I'll speak to you soon. Bye for now.

FWEP0001  Do not be fooled by Genecia’s impeccable appearance. Have been crowned as Miss Singapore and Miss Singapore International, many are quick to think Genecia was born with a silver spoon. However, behind this beautiful face there is a hardworking and self-sacrificing woman in power. This young lady had it all, but easy. As a teenager she was forced to put herself through her education by teaching an array of wellness classes such as: yoga, aerobics and line dancing.

These years of hardship molded her and lead her to become the founder of Soul Rich Woman, where she educates and elevates women to realize their highest power.

Interviewer: Elena Cardone
The architect behind many of Grant Cardone Enterprises’ ventures, Elena is an experienced business woman, entrepreneur and investor with her and Grant’s influence felt with Cardone Capital which is closing in on 5,000 units under management with a real estate portfolio valued at $1 billion.

Connect with Elena Cardone: https://elenacardone.com/about/

FWEP0001 Not Everything Is As It Seems - Women in Power Singapore with Genecia Alluora


In this episode, let me encourage you as a former Miss Singapore and Southeast Asia Woman of Excellence in 2010; and founder of Soul Rich Woman, the number one female entrepreneur network in Southeast Asia that connects more than 12,000 women across the region, with presence in 7 countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia. 

At an early age of 14 I have learned to face challenges and took on responsibilities due to life’s circumstances.
(3:33)A lot of people thought that when I was Ms. Singapore they think that I was born with a silver spoon. But it did not start that way I had to support myself through school since I was 14 years old, teaching Yoga, aerobics and line dancing through my school years so I put myself through college I put myself  through university so it was really tough.”


Financial Crisis
Due to a financial crisis, I had to step up and think of ways to support myself and my family. I had to do sacrifices to make it through in life.

(4:06)“At that time my dad lost everything due to the financial crisis. 
(4:20) Because of that I had to come up and do my own stuff and I think that has really molded me through my years and then after that I became an occupational therapist. 
(4:53) Back then I was the youngest instructor in Singapore and then I went on to do classes but it was not easy because when I’m seeing other girls doing things in their free time they are going to the movie, going for shopping and then I’m working after school.” 

Empowering Women
What I experienced during my teenage years gave me a better perspective on influence and how it can be used to empower others.

(5:47) “I’ve come along way with my experiences, now it’s time to share and shortcut other woman's journey and empower others because empowered women empower others.
(6:45) After that I took on these skills, I went on to coach and mentor many women to transform their confidence from being ugly duckling to be more confident and become the better version of themselves.”

The motivation to change
As I moved up the ladder and gained success, I realized I needed more freedom and not be bound by time and money.

(6:56)“Because I went through that transformation myself too. That movement actually gave me the confidence to do more in my life. In 2012-2013 I told myself I’m no longer going to trade time for money because as an image consultant you work you get paid when you stop working you don’t get paid. So I said I want to move this online.”

 Process of growth
You need to expand and broaden your horizons to progress in life. You need to invest in yourself too.

(7:21) “So I went through a process seeking mentors, looking for coaches to coach me on the process spent hundreds and thousands of dollars looking for resources to grow my knowledge. 
(7:38)I worked my way up then I took my vision of helping more women to be more confident and then I started a platform called “You are possible academy” because I launched my own book in 2013, it’s about personal branding then after that I went online.”

A heart for women

Despite the success that I attained there was still something missing, I felt like I wasn’t where I was supposed to be.

(8:25) “During this whole period my heart has always been with the women even though I was doing the retail business. It was tough, because there was a calling at the back of my head like “Genecia you gotta do this” you can’t just give up the women and just do a coffee retail chain. Move up and do more.”


Stepping stone 

(11:15) You know back then, I was bullied I was really bullied by mean girls in school. You know I was poor, I really didn’t  have any money to change my bag or even to change my clothes besides my school clothes.”
I faced the roadblocks in my life. From adjusting to our family’s financial situation to being bullied at school and doing jobs while studying. These situations could have hindered me, but instead of viewing them as stumbling blocks I used them as stepping stones to reaching my dreams.

Key Takeaways: 

  1. Success is not determined by financial status.

  2. Life’s changes should not stop you from pursuing your dreams.

  3. Keep learning, keep growing.

  4. Do not give up on what you are most passionate about.

  5. Roadblocks are stepping stones.

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