Show Notes


Speaker 1: Hey, gorgeous. Welcome to today's episode. I'm your host, Genecia Alluora, founder of Soul Rich Woman and creator of the Soul Rich Woman Blueprint. On today's episode, I want to talk about the end of your ritual to finish the year with a bang. Now, for most, 2020 and 2021 have been a really rough year.

Speaker 1: No one could have predicted what the last 24 months have thrown at us. If you have made it through physically and emotionally in one piece, congratulations. You are amazing. And even if you haven't, that's okay too. Now, if you have had a good year, despite the obvious, then I want you to celebrate without guilt, without shame, without heartbreaks.

Speaker 1: However, the year has gone, and especially if things didn't go to plan, I recommend this year-end ritual to close out the year. And you have the power to completely change your experience this brand new year that's coming up. We know that when the clock tick tock, tick tock, tick tock over, nothing really magical happens. I mean, it's not Cinderella, right? I mean, it's just another day, like another moment. But I don't know about you, though, it really feels for me like a chance to completely shift things.

Speaker 1: I usually get pretty emotional and go through a decluttering and I would say decluttering journey when I reach the year-end and I move towards the new year because I love the energy of a new year. And this year, more than ever, I'm longing for a calm, health and happiness for all of you, even more and more of you to own and love the F word. So let's end the year with one really simple but profound end of the year ritual. This one has completely changed my life repeatedly. And it doesn't matter how hangover that you have on New Year's Day, OK?

Speaker 1: It's really a simple one to do or to do, even over the next two weeks. Now, this exercise is to make a list of everything, every single thing that you are proud of over the last year. Sounds easy, but trickier than it sounds. First, do this as a partner, OK?

Speaker 1: That's the key. So that you don't chicken out and get shy and say, I don't know, I don't know why I did. What things did I do good? Oh, I don't really do anything amazing. I was just at home working from home most of the time, staying at home, hiding at home. Okay, I know that's going to happen.

Speaker 1: So it's best to do this with someone who really understands you, who really sees you for you and your accomplishments and who will draw out of you, who will draw out all these list of things that you are proud of this year. So take turns asking each other what you're proud of. Start with I'm proud of and least things out. Like learning to live in a lockdown, not killing your partner, staying connected with your family, mastering Zoom, going for a walk wearing masks. Then you can move to business accomplishments.

Speaker 1: Then you can move to your tricky situations that you've dealt with, boundaries you have enforced, goals that you have achieved, personal accomplishments, awards that you have won, anything that you want to acknowledge yourself for. Don't be shy or modest. It's time to really shine a light on everything you have done because you deserve to shine. There is a diamond that is within you and you deserve to shine. And seriously, it's kind of hard to remember everything.

Speaker 1: So here's how to take it to the next level. When your partner simply asks you what else? And then silence. No prompting, no jumping in for their turn. Just ask the next question, what else?

Speaker 1: And wait. Keep asking until you have at least 50, 50 of the items that you are ever proud of for the past year. 50, so there's no like trying to chitchat or trying to look at your phone for social media, looking at your notifications, looking at your WhatsApp? No switch that all off.

Speaker 1: Put that one site, commit 30 minutes to an hour. Just doing this for partner. Remember, keep asking what else? What else? What else?

Speaker 1: Until you have at least 50. So there'll be lots of pauses. You'll want to think about the negatives or the not so nice experience. And when you think you're done, you'll say, okay, I forgot about this one. Just keep asking, what else?

Speaker 1: Now trust me, even after this year, you'll be buzzing at the end of it. So don't give up. The list of accomplishments and things you're proud of is important. But the question what else is extremely important too. You probably get stuck at about the fifth or the 6th things you're proud of because you just don't want to brag.

Speaker 1: You don't want to talk about accomplishments, you discount who you are, you discount your achievements or simply just forgotten or what I call kind of like a denial. You just live life and then just sweep it under the carpet and you don't think that's necessarily an important thing that is important. So did this year really, really suck? I once did this with a friend who thought that she had a bad year until we did this exercise. It took us about 45 minutes and she ended up with 42 things that she was proud of.

Speaker 1: But it took some digging. So that is why the question is so important. Keep asking and don't give up. Recognizing everything you've achieved in this phase of adversity is so good for you. It's awesome to remember everything.

Speaker 1: It's also great to manifest and to acknowledge all your wins, both big and small, so that you can attract even more luck and abundance into the new year. Work on a mix of business and personal as long as you get at least 30 to 50 good things. If you do it by yourself, eventually you run out of steam and move on to something else? Because you have a lot of noise between the two years haha. That's right.

Speaker 1: Noise between the two years of yours. So for best results, you need a partner to hold the space for you and gently ask what else, my dear? What else? As soon as you run out of good things to say about yourself, what else? When you think you haven't done anything good, what else?

Speaker 1: As soon as you think there's nothing else to celebrate, what else? If you tell yourself it was the worst year, what else? When you think you have written everything, what else? By the way, you don't have to do this as a year-end ritual. You could do this quarterly or even monthly.

Speaker 1: I would love you to share yours with me. Go for at least five. So tag me on Instagram or Tiktok or on Facebook with your list. You can find me at Genecia Alluora G-E-N-E-C-I-A-L-L-U-O-R-A. Tag me.

Speaker 1: I really love to hear them big and small. Please don't be shy. You should really break your ass off. Literally, just shine brilliantly with every good thing that you have done, okay?

Speaker 1: And next time, if you're having a bad day or have a read over all these 50 good things that you have done in the past year. And everything all awesome that you've accomplished, imagine just me sitting next to you and saying, what else? Every time you get stuck. What else, my dear? Time to close out this year and start writing a new chapter. Sending you my love and I'll speak to you soon.

Speaker 1: Bye for now.