3 Steps to Win The Hearts of Your Client Online - Forever. How to be an overcomer and win in business - online. Are you "recording" yourself?

Show Notes

3 Steps to Win The Hearts of Your Client Online - Forever. How to be an overcomer and win in business - online. Are you "recording" yourself?

Hello gorgeous. Welcome to ‘Soul Why? The secret of Soul Rich Woman Blueprint’. In today’s episode, I want to talk about being an overcomer, how you can win in your business and your life. Whether you are a 9-5 employee and doing the things that you’re loving to do right now. Let’s begin.

Keep your cup overflowing 08:36- 08:41 When you give and help others to win you too must remember consistently to keep your cup overflowing.  08:43- 08:46  To let yourself win so that you can help more people.  08:49- 08:53  I was reminded strongly that we should all have recorded content. 09:29- 09:33  Which means digitize myself and duplicate myself. Take care of yourself 11:59- 12:18  I just want to encourage you today. What are you doing to win the game in your life right now? Don’t just focus on giving, you must also take care of yourself. Self-love, self-worth, self-respect, must still be there.  12:19- 12:37 Number two, record yourself, digitize yourself, and duplicate yourself.  Whatever you want to tell your daughters, sons, family, and the people around you, the community you serve, or the clients that you serve, you can record yourself.   13:14- 13:35 I never thought that our programs and our online programs, online academy, our podcasting, can go to a hundred countries, can have thousands of downloads every single month. Never ever in my world thought about that. 

13:38- 13:39 It’s time to take action.    Do something valuable 13:43- 13:51 Take action, schedule a time to book a clarity call with me. If not, go and explore on soulrichwoman.com website.   13:52- 14:02 There must be something that will be able to guide you to digitize yourself, to record, something so valuable.  14:28- 14:41 All we need is just one piece of content to win the race, to be able to coach that person, to go from where you are now to where you want to be much faster.

Key Takeaways: 
  1. Let yourself win so you can help more people.
  2. Digitize and duplicate yourself.
  3. Don’t just focus on giving, self value must still be there. 
  4. You have to take action now.
  5. You just need one piece of content to win the race.

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