OWN YOUR STORY AND TELL IT LIKE IT IS. What narrative did you make from events of your life? Do you know that this is the most important question you can ask yourself?

The stories we tell about ourselves are the key to our well-being. In this episode, let me help you learn an easy method to own your story and tell it like it is so you can connect emotionally with your listener!

Free Resource: "Soul Why: Soul Rich Woman Blueprint" and "How to Delegate 80% of your to-do list" ---> https://be.soulrichwoman.com

Show Notes

*Soul Why?

  • telling stories heal my soul

  • being vulunerable helped me with connecting with my audience

  • owning up to my story provided strategies to help others indeed

*3 key problems 

  • i was afraid to say it

  • i didn't want to look weak

  • i dont want to come across as whiny or complainy 

*how i solved it?

  • i wrote down my milestones

  • picked out the ones that are major 

  • used the victim to victorious method to share my story

  • The U shape Success + journey/milestones + how did you overcome 

*action for audience 

  • Identify the milestones 

  • Use the U shape story telling method to share story