77: The #1 Excuse "I've Got No Time" (To Be Successful) Your ideas won't make you wealthy, famous or successful. It will be your craft. Your work. And time spent on taking actions towards your success. Free Resource: "Soul Why: Soul Rich Woman Blueprint" and "How to Delegate 80% of your to-do list" ---> https://be.soulrichwoman.com

Show Notes

77: The #1 Excuse "I've Got No Time" (To Be Successful) Your ideas won't make you wealthy, famous or successful. It will be your craft. Your work. And time spent on taking actions towards your success.

Hello, gorgeous and welcome to ‘Soul Why? The secret of Soul Rich Woman Blueprint’ and in this episode, I want to share with you the excuse of ‘I have no time’. Yes, a lot of people tell me that they have no time. But they want to be famous, to be successful, but don’t have time. But how is that even possible if you always have these excuses?

Stop your excuses right now
01:57 02:12  Your ideas won’t make you wealthy, famous, or successful! It only will be good and successful, famous and wealthy if you put in the effort if you do the work.

3:59 - 4:06  I was wasting my time because I chose to spend it where it matters.

5:19 – 5:30  Are you feeling lost in the things that you’re doing? Waking up not knowing what to do? Okay, I hear you. Stop giving me excuses in your brain right now.

05:50 – 06:09  Keep a logbook, a record in your journal, or in the notes of your mobile phone. I want you to write down what exactly you are doing every single time? Let me see from the moment you wake up, what is the thing that you do? What is the thing you’re doing every single hour?

07:34 – 07:42  What are you doing on a daily basis to take a step closer towards your dreams? What is it that you want in the results?

Go for your dreams

06:46 - 06:56  Look at your dream and look at the things that you’re doing now. Are you busy with busy-ness or are you busy with the business of your dreams?

08:15 – 08:20 Go on the process to achieve your dreams.

09:01 – 09:14  There must be some foundation that you need to do; the things that you need to take; the journey that you need to go through; the failures or the successes. The mentors that you need to have; the strategies that you need to put in place. There must be something that must be in place, right?

09:24 – 09:36  Build a house on sand and your house gets swept away. Build a house on rocks and that is when your dreams will stay, your house will stay.

09:38 – 09:58 Time is a relative word. Even the billionaire- Warren Buffett, the world's greatest investor I’ll call him. He said he’s so rich that he can buy anything with money. Time is the only thing that he can’t use the money to buy. 

What is more important to you?

10:04 – 10:39  Binge watching my Netflix and watching my K-dramas and my mystery show that I want to watch. Because by wasting my time binge-watching Netflix, watching my dramas, and wasting my time away, I’m helping support one woman less. Because my dream is to support one million women to own and love the F-word. Being fabulous, having freedom; financial independence, and family.

 10:43 – 10:50  Look at what you’re doing now. Are you taking steps and actions to really look at how you are using your time more wisely?

10:51 – 11:09  I know everything in life is important. I’ve been there. But what is more important to you? Whatever that you choose, remember, compare it with the time you spent every single day and look at it in relation to your dreams.

 Key Takeaways: 
  1. Stop wasting your time.
  2. Stop making excuses.
  3. Write down what exactly you’re doing.
  4. Use your time wisely.
  5. Time is the only thing that money can’t buy.

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