71: What Success Means To Me What success means to me is being able to be there for the women I’m coaching and mentoring around the world. Free Resource: "Soul Why: Soul Rich Woman Blueprint" and "How to Delegate 80% of your to-do list" ---> https://be.soulrichwoman.com

Show Notes

71: What Success Means To Me

Hello, Soul Rich Woman. Welcome to today’s episode of the ‘Soul Why?  The Secrets of the Soul Rich Woman Blueprint’ I’m your host, Genecia Alluora. Today I wanna share with you what success means to me because a lot of you are posting on my social media. 

Being there for women

01:56- 02:16  At this point in my life, success truly means to me being able to be there for the women I’m coaching and mentoring around the world and being there as a support and strength and a source of hope to guide them through.   02:18- 02:29 No matter what their journey and their past or their future may look like, being there to watch their back.  02:31- 02:36 It’s like you put someone whom you can trust to watch your back for you.   Having good results

05:14- 05:26 Being this source of friend or source of strength gives me that power and motivation to live every day.  05:29- 05:33 That is why eventually I decided to even start this podcast.  05:48- 05:50 Why do I make this every day?  05:58- 06:11 Because I want to be here with you. But are you willing to allow me and give permission to work with you? In your inbox, phone, in the new year, wherever you go.     06:13- 06:15 And that to me is a success.   06:16- 06:38 Having achieved a good result of being in 53 countries, having listeners, and downloads and leads from  53 countries,  gives me the possibility and a glimpse to go to a hundred countries. To have listeners, like yourself, around the world.   Freedom

06:55- 07:12 Of course another form of success for me is beyond a person, is my own personal success, that I could spend time with my mom, my dad, anytime I want, anywhere in the world, and at any point in time. Because that is freedom and freedom is real.  07:19- 07:23 Family.  Blood is still thicker than water. And that to me is a success.  08:16- 08:29 So I’m constantly driving and working hard every single day.  Batching my content, repurposing my content, and creating online courses that you can attend anywhere in the world.   09:59- 10:17 It’s always good, my friend, to dream a little. To be brave a little more. Stop playing small in the things you’re doing. Have courage. Be courageous to step out of your comfort zone and to go the dream you always wanted to achieve.

Key Takeaways: 
  1. Success means being there to support women around the world.
  2. Being there to watch their back.
  3. Being willing to allow me to work with you.
  4. Achieving good results gives me a glimpse to go to a hundred countries.
  5. Constantly driving and working every day to create online courses that you can attend. 

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