Are you a woman leader who is successful, but for some reason you're feeling stuck? How I helped a 9-5 employee turned her mess into a message online. I'd like to tell you that you need to figure out what you want to do with the next stage of your life. Discover the path to doing work that you love, finding your purpose and feeling energized again.

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Show Notes

Episode 6 - How To Go From Stuck To Unstoppable In 3 Steps Hi and welcome to today’s episode and I’m gonna share with you how I turned from image consultant to an expert helping thousands of women bringing her business online.
(02:01 - 02:07) Now are you or do you want to bring your business online but you have no idea where to start? 
The decision to go online(02:08 - 02:12) So I’m gonna share with you, first of all, why I decided to go online.
(02:12 - 02:25) Being an image consultant since 2006 for a couple of years until 2012, I was doing pageant coaching and as well as image consulting for CEOs of companies, politicians and decision makers. 
(02:25 - 02:34) To me, I wanted to really be different and not to be the same as other people.
(02:35 - 03:09) So I was looking at my image mentors and definitely they are my seniors and mentors around me that I was looking at. And I realized that at the age that they’re in they are still teaching. And in my world, I ask myself this question ‘Would I really want to be still physically teaching in the corporate world or consulting my clients physically being there, location dependent. Work I get paid, work I get paid, I don’t work, I don’t get paid.’ 
(03:10 - 03:20) That was the question I asked myself. So it’s kind of in like a quarter life crisis. In fact maybe earlier than that because I was working since I was 14 years old.
(03:20 - 03:35) I can’t see myself being an entrepreneur who is trading time for money and not leveraging on systems to work more with less, then it occurs to me I must find a way to go online.
(03:36 - 03:40) Because I no longer want to trade time for money so I decided.
Three problems encountered(03:41 - 04:11) Now there were three problems when I was looking and searching for ways to go online back in 2012. And the first thing was there were no clear signs of guros that were online. I mean, there were in fact a plenty of them and, you know, everybody is saying ‘I can help you to go online’. But I don’t know whether they really can help people to go online because I don’t know if they are the real time mentors or the just read from the book kind of mentors.
(04:13 - 04:18) So I had to do a lot of deep research about each and every single one of them that I was learning from.
(04:27 - 04:55) And eventually, I found this person, his name is James, James Wee. And also Welson, Welson Ang. So the two gentlemen whom are localized, first and foremost they’re from Singapore and they had really done online businesses and they have crossed their 5-figures, 6-figures, really, and I’ve seen them in person and it’s like Wow! I can touch the break you know and by having that give me more trust versus just online.
(04:56 - 05:22) Then again I also bought many online courses during this journey of doing deep researching . I’ve bought like 10 different types of courses. Each course ranging from $3000 - $10,000. So I spend so much money trying to figure a way out and still I don’t need another online course because every course is just a video and download. I just felt very frustrated. 
(05:24 - 05:39) So I decided to go with my mentorship with James Wee, who was the one who guided me to cross my first hundred thousand dollars in three months and then later on a million dollars within a single year in 2013
(05:41 - 05:59) Problem number two was that it was not culture specific. Being a woman in Singapore in Asia. The grass is always greener on the other side. So when you position yourself as a woman leader, people don’t really want to learn from Asian women.
(07:06 - 07:15) So it was not easy trying to balance, like all these different pieces that people are looking at us as Asian women and woman leaders.
(07:17 - 07:27) So I manage to find a middle ground, I manage to find a way to overcome these aspects which is to really rebrand myself in terms of the way I dress well.
(07:55 - 08:07) So the third one was technical. Technical was getting into the way. I mean, I’m not technical savvy at all. It was really tough for me to get in all the technical software and everything.
Words of encouragement(08:53 - 09:08) So I just want to encourage you today, I’ve overcome it all and if you’re looking to bring your business online but no idea even where to start is to find a mentor so that you could avoid all these problems that I used to face.
(09:43 - 09:46) Stop all these nonsense sounds that are in your head.
Key Takeaways:

  1. Focus on your growth

  2. Find a mentor that can help you to succeed

  3. Don’t let negativity engulf your mind

  4. Go after your dreams

  5. Focus on your zone of genius and be seen as a leader instantly.

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