Do you want to BRING your business online, but you have NO IDEA where to start?

How I turn from an image consultant to an expert helping thousands of women bringing her business online. Whether you’re a successful business or about to start one, bringing your business online may be the best thing for it. Let me help you boost your presence in the online world, create a unique personal brand. All these in one episode!

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Show Notes

Hey and welcome to today's episode. I want to know are you a woman leader who is successful but for some reason you’re feeling stuck?  (02:21 - 02:37) Now I enjoy this topic a lot because a lot of women do come to me asking for help to get from stuck to unstoppable because lacking in clarity and direction kind of blocked them towards going towards the next step. A 9 to 5 Employee
(02:39 - 02:46) Today I want to share with you how I helped a 9 to 5 employee to turn a mess into a message.

(02:47 - 03:00) So this lady came to me, she’s an owner of a fitness studio and she was also working 9 to 5. So the fitness studio was a side hustle.
(03:17 - 03:36) Her whole branding and her whole positioning on social media was really stuck because already she doesn't enjoy doing the 9 to 5 and she wasn’t able to grow her business. So it’s kind of like both sides are really not going anywhere. 

Mentorship program

(03:43 - 03:52) She did a coaching call with me for 45 minutes which is a clarity call and then later on eventually enrolling into the mentorship program.

(03:54 - 04:01) So during this time, immediately the first action that we took, to look into her whole social media piece. 

Problems discovered

(04:08 - 04:18) Three problems I’ve discovered, first she was a Schizophrenia, I mean literally it means that she was split personality online

(04:25 - 04:43) Because she owns her boutique studio, she has more than 20 different certifications as an instructor in different programs like zumba, aerobics. She was also in piloxing and different, different types of programs. So she was lost in a way to present herself. 

(04:44 - 05:09) On top of that she was a double degree holder. In Singapore double degree is a huge thing like Accountancy and in ACCA. So that's a very high level. Woman who is intellectual, who is a woman leader in the corporate organization. A senior management accountant in the organization and then now stuck and thinking ‘Oh, no, how can I grow my business?’

(05:10 - 05:39) So by first strategizing her social media was one of the key things that we did. First we identified the problem of she has split personality. Two, she was not clear on which theme that she should embark on. That means, you know, that whether she should show herself as the 9 to 5 employee or to show herself as different instructor, or to show herself as whatever that she thought that she was.

(05:39 - 06:02) The problem number 3 was that she actually have a story to tell, in fact she was 80 kilos overweight, I mean she was overweight and she was 80 kilos, and she dropped 20 kilos, down to 60. And she was you know, keeping fit. And with this weight loss story of hers helped her to build her confidence as a woman.

Solving the problem

(06:03 - 06:18) So you see there are 3 pieces in this problem that we picked up. And this three problems and the way we solved it was looking first in her social media. How did we unravel each of the problems to turn each of the mess into a message.

(06:22 - 06:49) First and foremost we helped her to tell her story which was, you know, how she lost 20 kilos, and become the confident woman that she was. Previously, with low self esteem wasn’t able to move up the corporate ladder but upon losing weight and becoming more confident she jumped two ranks in the corporate world and doubling or tripling her income in a very short time.

(06:49 - 07:01) So this was the story that retold on her social media to attract people to her and potential customers to her who desire to join her fitness studio.

(07:09 - 07:17) The other problem that we solved for her was that she was able to really structure her themes into a common theme.

(07:45 - 07:57) What did she believe in? She believed in helping people to be happy, sweat, have fun. And really make friendships at her place, at her studio. 

(08:07 - 08:31) The last thing that we did was to structure the postings for her so that when she post on social media, what are the common angles that she need to anchor on in order to be seen as an expert or the leading number 1 boutique studio for women who would like to slim down, who would like to get fit but in the places of the big gym. 

Key Takeaways:

  1. Structure your story

  2. Identify the problem

  3. Have a common theme

  4. Turn your mess into a message

  5. Have clarity and direction to be unstoppable

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