4: How To Be Seen As A Leader In The Area Of Your Expertise. Today I want to be talking and sharing about how being Ms. Singapore actually helped me to be seen as a leader in the area of my expertise.

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Show Notes

Episode 4: How To Be Seen As A Leader In The Area Of Your Expertise

Hi, welcome to today’s episode. Today I want to be talking and sharing about how being Ms. Singapore actually helped me to be seen as a leader in the area of my expertise.  (02:21 - 02:33) So this is actually a reflection of our past titles and ecolates and how are we leveraging on these titles and ecolates to help us to be seen as a leader. Reflections of the past (02:34 - 02:50) So winning Ms. Singapore Universe third place was pretty amazing for me because I have no pageant experience, I had low self-esteem because of being constantly bullied in school. Winning Ms. Singapore International in the same year in 2006.  (02:50 - 03:05) I went on to represent Singapore in Japan, as well as China. This allowed me to practice the way I speak, the way I present myself on the global platform with more than 90 delegates around the world. Learning teamwork (03:06 - 03:12) I learned a couple of things. First thing, I learned how to do teamwork even if you’re a stranger to me.  (03:15 - 03:30) We need to have a bigger vision towards our goal. So don’t go into very detail and trying to be OCD which is obsessive-compulsive about certain things in your direction or the things you want to share.  (03:31 - 03:57) It’s okay to be imperfect doing the things that you love while, you know, managing as we go along. So I think not being perfect allowed me to transcend my own mindset because at the place, thereof, the International stage, I would want to be perfect all the time but however situation keep changing because in culture, in Japan versus in China, you know you have to be flexible in the way you present yourself. (03:58 - 04:01) Although keeping in mind your common baseline.  Keeping the common baseline(04:01 - 04:04) So number two was to keep my common baseline.

(04:05 - 04:14) I was able to identify themes across my personal branding and to where I present myself across the different ways I want to share my story.
(04:34 - 04:51) Having then the opportunity to leverage on a platform globally as Ms. Singapore, in the Ms. Universe, or Ms. International, or Ms. Chinese Cosmos platforms to kind of propell my messages to, around the world. 
(04:51 - 05:11) So by this, establishing the baseline of what I want to be seen as. This allowed me to help my clients even up to today, to establish a certain baseline in their work , in their life, so that they can also be seen as an expert in the area of their expertise.

Pulling different pieces of yourself(05:12 - 05:22) Lastly, I’m able to look at how can I pull in different pieces of me to be recognized and seen as a leader.

(05:23 - 05:30) Now different pieces means different elements of my personality, you know, I’m actually an introvert, I am not an extrovert.

(05:37 - 05:39) So I’m an introvert, trained extrovert. 

(06:21 - ) When you are truly authentic and being able to tell your story in a more compelling way you will be definitely recognized as the leader.
Key Takeaways:

  1.  Add personality elements to your story to be able to connect to people

  2. Build yourself so that your skill set will be recognized

  3. Keep in mind your common baseline

  4. Let your experiences be the propeller of your story

  5. It’s okay to be imperfect sometimes.

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