3: (PART 2) Understand the importance of momentum to sustain your success and move you forward. Genecia is going to teach you the actions you must take to succeed. Success isn’t something that can simply be thought about or dreamed about. Success takes unrelenting & sustainable action toward your goals. In this episode, Genecia is going to show you how to take that action, how to reach those goals and how to succeed in all that you do.

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Show Notes

Episode 3: Understand the Importance of Momentum to Sustain your Success and Move You Forward

Hello and Welcome to today’s episode. Today, I’ll be sharing with you the actions you must take to succeed then you must have momentum in order to gain success in your life. Because success isn’t something that you can simply thought about or dreamt about. Success takes unrelenting and sustainable action towards your goals. In this show I’m gonna show you how to take the action, how to reach those goals and how to succeed in all that you are and all that you did. Understanding the importance of momentum(01:51 - 02:06) Now it is important to understand the importance of momentum to sustain your success because when we are moving towards the goals that we want we need to leverage on the speed and power to build up that momentum.

(02:23 - 02:36) In order for you to have true success is to take inspired action. To build momentum by modelling up the success and then leading towards your path of your dreams or the goals. 

(02:37 - 02:42) So, when we talk about momentum, the question would be ‘How can I do it?’ 

(03:29 - 03:48) So now the situation is a lot of negativity is happening in your life. When we talk about global metaphors that means you keep the same thing that is stopping you, you’re saying negative things again and again. It will stop you and weigh down your momentum box.

The final quadrant(04:20 - 04:28) A big tree will attract big disasters. If you are a big tree, you attract big disasters. 
(04:42 - 05:13) This whole piece is a metaphor. And when you attach this metaphor, it weighs down your life. When you put this belief into the belief quadrant of the momentum box it becomes really heavy. Sentences like “I’m not good enough”, “Oh, Genecia, she can do it but I can’t do it. She win, I lose”, “Oh, why must pay and pay, I don’t want to pay.” 

(05:33 - 06:03) All these negativities will go into your limiting belief or belief quadrant of the momentum box. And when that happens you will weigh down yourself to limit your momentum and you could be actually moving forward instead of taking one step forward and three steps back, one step forward and five steps back. That is tiring isn’t it?

(06:05 - 06:20) When you want to move closer into your goals you have to look into your momentum box. You have to look into the final quadrant which is the belief quadrant, are you filling it with negativity or are you filling it with positivity?
(06:33 - 06:59) Sometimes we tell ourselves stories that hold ourselves back. To be a soul rich woman, to be successful, to have that soul, to be balanced and therefore to be successful. When your soul is positive you will walk with positivity and walk towards your goals and walk towards your dreams. 

Remove the metaphors in your life(07:00 - 07:10) So ask yourself this question today, are you stuck by metaphors? Are you stuck by metaphors, metaphors that hold you back. 

(07:52 - 08:23) Potential actions and results are what keeps us afloat. So if you want to go up, and rise up as a woman, rise up in your career, you want to rise up above the sea of crisis right now then write down and make a list of lousy words you find yourself using on a weekly basis that you think could trigger your negative emotions

(08:26 - 08:33) Next, I want you to make a list of empowering words that you can put in place of those negative ones.

(08:43 - 09:14) By doing so you will start to understand how vocabulary translates into reality. Whatever you tell yourself, whatever metaphor you associate yourself, whether it’s a tree, a cat, a dog, whatever the case may be. It’s time to delete all these metaphors, delete your limiting belief and renew them with the fresh ones, which is empowering words. 

Key Takeaways:

  1. Be positive

  2. Don’t let the metaphors hold you back

  3. Go after your dreams with positivity

  4. Take inspired actions

  5. Build your momentum

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