22: Getting My Mother Online is HARD and WHY I still did It Anyway

I hope all is well in this current moment in time. Today, I want to share with you a little bit about my mom’s journey to be featured online, to be seen as an online leader, and my mom is 60+ years old now, and she loves to cook.

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Show Notes

Episode 22: Getting My Mother Online is HARD and WHY I still did It Anyway
Hello and welcome to this episode. I’m Genecia Alluora. How are you today? I hope all is well in this current moment in time. Today, I want to share with you a little bit about my mom’s journey to be featured online, to be seen as an online leader, and my mom is 60+ years old now and she loves to cook.

My mom is an offline person(01:48 - 02:13) Just a couple of months ago, the radio station here in Singapore wanted me to go on to find someone to do a cooking program online, for the radio station. And of course, I recommended my own mom and got her into the radio program and I’m very happy that it happened.

(02:20 - 02:51) When you look at it my mom is an offline person, she’s sixty plus and she has not been online except her Facebook posting. And then she’s doing her volunteer work, her charity work, her morning exercise routine. So this person is a very offline person. And I have to bring her online and I'm going to show her my skill set.

(02:52 - 03:12) So I just want to share with you a little bit about how hard I worked to get my mother online and why I still did it anyway. First and foremost I love my mom. And I just found it a great way for me to build rapport and relationship with her at another level. 

(03:12 - 03:42) I could just say that it’s difficult. This is a project that I am not paid for and that I shouldn’t do it. But I didn’t do that. I said to myself ‘No Genecia, you need to look into ways on how to help your mom and craft a brand for her like exactly how you helped every single woman out there, to get her online.'

Testing out my Soul Rich Woman Blueprint for a woman like my mom(03:44 - 04:05) I got to test out my Soul Rich Woman blueprint on her. Is it even applicable to women like my mom who has no online presence with just a Facebook account to get her to the online space?

(04:06 - 04:44) So the challenge was how to get her online and bring in an online income for her. That means building another source of income. So I had to discuss with the radio station because you’re not allowed to sell on the radio station, but they could just insert a link into their social media so that if there could be people who are interested, they could just check out the link on the radio station’s page so that they could assess to what my mom has to offer.

(04:48 - 05:09) By the time my mom agreed to do this project, I was only given two weeks or three weeks to sort out everything. So applied the Soul Rich Woman blueprint on my mom. First crafting her story, looking at her woman of influence and then deciding what is the glow.

How did I strategize her social media presence?(05:10 - 05:49) So the way to strategize it with my mom was that I positioned her as a chef, not a chef like those restaurant chefs but the very down to earth as a community chef. Like helping women in the community to have a healthy lifestyle so she’s being positioned as that and then building up her glow. We made a recipe book for her to sell online, it’s a digital e-download, especially now, it’s easy for everyone to access the recipe easily.

(05:52 - 06:44) To make things sweeter I threw in a few more goodies that are worth another 50 dollars like lipstick, lipgloss plus a moisturizer from very reputable brands. Famous makeup brands and reputable skincare brands. Then I build up the funnels at the back end so that there is a process to nurture these people and build the database, build the list, traffic is important isn’t it?

(06:45 - 07:57) So I went to work and put all these things together within weeks. I sent my mother for a photoshoot, I quarreled with her, argued with her. In their own generation they have a certain way to dress, and the way they think that they should be looking. So it was balancing between what she wants and what I want in terms of presenting her publicly to the world.

(07:59 - 08:56) I managed to sort that out with negotiation skills and then knowing how to communicate and really work with her and accept her for who she is. My mom has already sold thousands of copies of her ebooks and has got a recurring income now through the launch from the radio station and also with our back end. This whole thing we just did it once and is recurring. It can only be recurring if you do the hard work first.

Putting an effort knowing that an opportunity is knocking(08:58 - 09:09) From the time my mom decided to do the project, you know, just the recipe alone is so hard work. My mom is an only primary school, she only studied until primary 3.

(09:11 - 09:27) My mom is not really educated. So to her, writing in Chinese is already quite difficult and then in English we have to translate, and then we have to go back to her to structure the recipe again. So it’s not so easy.

(09:36 - 09:55) Even though she’s illiterate, not so educated. She made an effort knowing that there was an opportunity for her to be seen as a leader. She didn’t want the fame to be frank with you. She told me ‘I don’t want fame, I just want to share my knowledge and expertise in healthy recipes’ that she cooks every day.

(09:58 - 10:09) And I saw that in my mom, and I’m like ‘wow!’. There's so much to learn from her even until today and I’m so proud to be working with her on this project.

(10:48 - 11:08) Have we ever thought about doing this for our family members? That we have learned such amazing skill sets to help them create another source of income by marketing them and knowing their expertise and knowing their knowledge and being able to share them with the world.

(11:10 - 12:00) So it’s never just about the money, yes, the ebook is 990 plus all the freebies we have thrown in about 50 dollars. It really wows me how this whole process has turned out. From the beginning to mom says no, she didn’t want to do it because she’s illiterate, she can’t really write and convincing her to do it, to have an argument with her, to fight with her. To the dressing, the makeover, the photoshoot. And then once that difficult phase was over it was the hardest part, in fact, it was the recipes. So it was really an uphill task. But I’m so glad that now, just weeks after, I mean that whole process now I’m just looking at it and saying ‘wow! Good job!’ to myself and a good job to my team and a good job to my mom.

Creating a legacy online(12:40 - 12:53) I’m actually creating a legacy for her online. Never before if the radio program didn’t even come about, I would not even do that. There’s no real reason for me.

(12:58 - 13:16) Of course, I still spend time with her just that I would never even consider doing, building that for her, building an online leadership presence for her. Building another recurring income for her just by selling ebooks online. 

(14:24 - 14:54) Overall, this project has brought me kind of like another step closer to my mom. Knowing my mom better to the extent where we communicate more at different levels and also seeing how good my mom is, really enjoying the process. Seeing my mom do the recipe and her passion for sharing and it kind of ignited and spark my own.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Don’t think that your family members can’t do it, support them, and be with them every step of the way.

  2. Share your skillset to your family members even to other people that need help

  3. Put effort to every grabbed opportunity

  4. Do the hard work first

  5. By doing something great for your family members sometimes reignite the reason why you do what you do

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