2: (PART 1) What Does It Take To Succeed? Reasons aren’t going to get you to where you want to go, results come
from an obsession with getting yourself to TAKE ACTION… How many people do you know that know what to do but don’t do what they know… Decide upfront, why you’re doing this. Massive Action + Certainty + Effective Execution = Cure All
Get rewarded in public what you practice in private.

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Show Notes

Episode 2: What Does It Take To Succeed

Hello and welcome to today’s episode. I’m Genecia Alluora, I’m gonna share with you the actions that you must take to succeed. Success isn’t something that can be simply be thought about or dreamt about. Success takes unrelenting and sustainable action towards your goals.  (01:45 - 01:54) In this episode, I’m gonna show you how to take that action, how to reach those goals and how to succeed in all that you do. (01:57 - 02:20) To own and love the F word, being fabulous, having freedom, financial independence, and above all family. Remember, you are just an F word away to a better marriage, to a better relationship, to a better work opportunity, and to even a different business opportunity and a different result in your life. Take action now (02:21 - 02:35) Now, because reasons aren’t going to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. Where you are now to where you want to go. Because results only come from an obsession with getting yourself to take action. (02:36 - 02:55) Now, how many people do you know, that they already know what to do but don’t do what they know. So for you today, decide upfront, why are you doing this? Because massive action plus certainty or clarity with effective action equals true success.  (02:57 - 03:00) So get rewarded in public what you practice in private. (03:06 - 03:13) When you’re on stage for one minute is actually ten years off stage experience, and hard work, and practice.  The Momentum Box (03:13 - 03:27) So today, we’ll talk about the momentum, the momentum box. What it takes to succeed literally is propelled by this M-word, which is momentum. The potential, the action, the result and belief. (03:28 - 03:30) So let’s draw a momentum box right now.  (03:38 - 04:11) Now put up a box right now, in your mind, right now. And on the top left corner I want you to imagine that word or write down that word ‘Potential’. And on the right corner of the box, I want you to write down the word ‘Action’. And then in the bottom right, is to write down the word ‘Results’. And then in the corner left write down the word ‘Belief’. Or you could do it the other way around as long as your Potential-Action is on the top and your Results and Belief is at the bottom.  Potential(04:16 - 04:30) We’ll talk about potential is about what you’re truly passionate about, doing. Or what you’re really good at doing. When we look at these four quadrants it helps to bring you momentum from where you are now to where you want to be much faster. (04:31 - 04:37) More often than not, people are delayed because people are just waiting for things to happen for them.  (04:43 - 04:47) By the time someone else builds momentum forward you will be left behind. (05:16 - 05:28) When you are looking at your momentum now, what are you thinking about doing? You need to get out of your comfort zone, you need to be out of the comfort zone before anything else. (05:29 - 05:44) So let’s take a look at your potential. What are you truly passionate about? What kind of action will you take? And what kind of results do you want? What kind of belief do you have to take yourself where you are now to where you want to be much, much faster? (05:45 - 05:48) So potential could be something that is of your knowledge. Potential doesn’t come easily(07:11 - 07:18) Sometimes potential doesn’t come easily because it doesn’t come in a single moment. (07:25 - 07:43) Sometimes the things that you are doing that you are not paid, or sometimes the things that you’re doing that people keep saying that you’re really good at. It may not be what you are actively aware of your passion but what the ground people are feedback to you. What are they giving you feedback for? (08:32 - 08:47) By having all these little things that you don’t even know about means that you have the potential to branch out in this area, to take action on it and therefore achieve a certain result that you might want to have. (09:22 - 09:28) So recognizing potential is important because when you recognize your potential you will achieve your true success.  Action(09:29 - 09:46) And that brings me to action, what kind of action are you taking? Usually here at this point, a lot of people are not taking action they are just thinking about ‘Okay, taking action, I will just do two or three different types of actions. Okay, Genecia, I’m done!”. No results. (10:12 - 10:26) When you say that you have done everything in your power, which means it must be everything in your power to take action and then go to as the results that you truly ever wanted to achieve. Results(11:14 - 11:20) The results part really talks about where are you putting your eggs in the basket? (11:23 - 11:37) You are the average of the five people you hang out with the most. So having the potential and action, of course, you must have developed certain results. But to achieve the result and at the same time one of the conditions is to look into the average of the five people you hang out with the most.  (11:47 - 11:52) You have to decide where you stand in terms of achieving your results. (12:38 - 12:48) Because when there are like-minded people involved in the space of results. There is always space for you to reach the finish line. Key Takeaways:

  1. Reach the finish line with the help of like-minded people

  2. Decide where you stand.

  3. Do everything in your power to achieve that result.

  4. Recognize your potential

  5. Go to where you’re truly passionate about.

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