18: Are you convinced that you need to be online, but you aren't quite sure what steps to take? Find A MENTOR

Today, I’m going to share with you why a mentor is important. You are convinced that you need to be online, bring your business online, be seen as a leader online but you’re not quite sure what other steps you take.

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Episode 18: Are you convinced that you need to be online, but you aren't quite sure what steps to take? Find A MENTOR

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I believe we can change the world, but first, we’ve got to stop living in fear of being judged for who we are. 

Hi, I’m Genecia Alluora, founder of the number one leading female entrepreneur network in Southeast Asia supporting one million women to own and love the F-word. Being fabulous, having freedom, financial independence, and family. We’ve challenged women everywhere to stop talking themselves out of their dreams. 

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Stop believing the lies about who you are, so you can become who you are meant to be, you are just an F-word away from the life you want, the marriage you want, the family that you want is going to be fueled by the business in life you build. 

Hello, my name is Genecia Alluora. Today I want to share with you. Why a mentor is important, okay? You are convinced that you need to be online, bring your business online, be seen as a leader online, and but your un-quite sure what are the steps to take. In one of my episodes I talk about my mentor, right? Kind of like telling me that I'm not focused on the things I'm actually doing even though I thought I was really focused and I thought I was doing the things I was already doing the thing that I'm supposed to do that is leading me towards my dreams, but my mentor told me that nail you're not and then it irritated the hell out of me. 

But anyway, because he's my mentor and I respect him a lot like I said when you find someone you have to really respect the person and even though I argue with him a lot and kind of debate him a lot but because of the respect and because of the respect I have for him and he has been there done that, you know and because you know, he is not a mentor just in the one day. He has been my mentor for the last 10 years and because of that he has guided me through proven results, proven systems, and processes to kind of guide me through and get to where I am today. 

So in 2012, I told you 2013. I was looking away to go from offline to online. So in 2012, I was still trading time for money. I work I get paid, I work I get paid. I don't work, I don't get paid. So it's tough, right? Because I was an image consultant after I won Miss Singapore I went to take on consultant certification an of course plus my Miss Singapore title, it does help me to lend very good clients. So I was serving very premium clients where you know, you get paid in five figures, you get flown around the world.to  make sure they look good in their personal brand when they do their media interviews and things like that. 

So I get to work with politicians, I got to work work with ministers, I get to work with CEOs, decision-makers and that's how I knew too that I have this gift of the kind of helping people getting seen and heard in hybrid high-level ways and also that I also can teach other women how to self and promote high-end- high-end high ticket it high-value products and services, like twenty thousand, fifty thousand, hundred thousand, that kind of value. Okay? That kind of value I was talking about.

But you know what my dear I was trading time for money. Okay, If I work, I get paid. I don't get work, I don't I get paid. So even though I was doing very high-value clients, but you know what? I was still doing that time transaction thing. So eventually I found a mentor and even though I spent a lot of money I wasn't actually going around of circles. I was buying courses from different places, different gurus, and try to figure it out, try to figure it out. 

And I realized that hey, you know what happened because Southeast Asian Asia that will contexts different, we are made out of different cultures, different, we are just different animals in the jungle, you know, like between Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar and other countries we have like just in those other cities along we have different types of people right? Between in Hanoi in Vietnam versus Ho Chi Min the women, there are all so different. 

Anyway, my point is even though I try to buy courses from overseas and try to learn from it. I realized that it's not contextually applicable to what I was trying to do. So eventually I found someone who was able to localize and contextualize it in the culture format for me to learn and apply it to my business or that to be a mentor in for the must be applicable to you know experiences, being able to see the world being able to have that local knowledge. 

You know that can help me with my business on the ground to bring my business offline to online. So that's the first thing, right? And eventually, I found James, James Wee. Let me share with you why you know this view factors are important. Okay? After going through all the selections, so like I said contextualizing is very important. I will share with you on another episode on that by giving you a more detailed example, but finding a mentor takes a few things first and foremost, you must respect the person's fully a hundred percent. You cannot find mentors and just like I yeah, I will just listen 30% and then I will not listen and I will just don't care, that will not work because in order for mentorship to really work even though you have your own ideas and opinions. I'm not saying you cannot have a version of yourself. No, it's more of like are you able to synchronize this mentorship, this mentor relationship and have that respect then you know I for sure that this person is watching your back, this person is guiding you and standing with you and not for once doubting the person because once you doubt and you say oh this person is not for me, he's against me, she's against me and then it will not work, even if you’re are sensing too hard out too. Must trust, believe, listen, and take action. Okay? So must fully respect the person.

  Number two, you must he or she must have the results that you want. This is really very important, you cannot be neglected. Okay, he or she must have the results that you want my, for example, if you want my result like for example has gone from offline to online, make my first million dollars helped thousands of women around the world, especially in Southeast Asia and Asia to achieve the effort being fabulous, having freedom, financial Independence and family, then it is important that you are looking for me right so you have that kind of my result. So the result is very important. When I chose James as my mentor, he was he had been through a 10-year of the bankrupt period and then later on Cross his first million and in 10 million, and that's how he built up and for me having been through six big debts and I felt that he could understand my predicament rather than being judged by another mentor who has never been through the same thing. I want to say, but it doesn't have to be the same but at least been through like my I had to support myself school, you know, of being able to understand and empathize fully to a certain extent versus finding someone have no life experiences and you know, being a mentor I cannot accept that for me today and I will not recommend you to my somebody's life experiences and just feedback textbook. I can tell you all these I hate knowledge and not really in life experiences that will take you through that journey. Okay, you need someone who is equipped. Alright? And I am glad I found James, okay and he has so many experiences and he was able to guide me through that and you know what because of that in the 2013 team, I made my first billion dollars. Okay doing going online and doing on my business bring my business online and you know under his mentorship and guidance and the later on invested in the cafe retail chain, and we grew it not just me myself and just about all the partners we all of us did it together, right? We were able to grow with three countries to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and we've had 18 franchisees and licensees and after four years exhibit to a public listed company owner and all these things will have impossible if you handle Mentor me don't know the guy how to put my money, how do I invest, how do I grow because of this wealth of experiences?

I am truly grateful for that and last but not least when you choose a men's mentor. Okay, is are you able to fully- fully take action and means dedicate time to follow up the men's room one common mistake that I always see people making when they find a mentor is the expect mentally to everything. You know, what a mentor is a mentor that means this mentor this person is very busy you know, they have got many things to do.

Do they are many things that are like even though you pay them money or you to invest in, you know a fee to get this Mentor, you know you need to chase after them? They are at the caliber, right? So it's not a lopsided relationship is more like, you know, you respect a person you look up to the person and you must make your own effort to the chase after and you know what with the person you can’t expect the person to keep back in and dragging you along.

Just imagine, my cats, I'm pulling my cats all goes to shit and it got no walking expected to be carried. So it's kind of like setting yourself up for failure. If you are choosing and doing this kind of thing to yourself. If you were to find a mentor always have a form of respect and know that success is in our own hands. No one else can stop us from being successful a mentor is just someone to kind of watch our blindsides. And give us good, you know, kind of like the whole like perceptions like different ways of looking at things and then you have to immediately to or directions and directives and decisions to move forward. So that's the success when you are able to find a mentor.  that's when you too can have success in that's why I am where I am today being able to you know, moves towards my dreams empower, inspire women to bring that business online to own and love the F-word all these things this is because I decided to invest in myself and get myself a mentor even if that means my ass being kicked. So my friend my mentor. If you already have good for you. How else are you working towards your dreams today being a sole rich woman? I love you, and I speak to you soon. Bye for now.

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