Building A Community, My Struggles To Be An Instant Tribe Leader. In today’s episode. I want to share with you how I built a community and my struggles to become an instant tribe leader. It wasn’t easy but I made it. I hope you find some lessons along the way that can help with your growth.

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Show Notes

Episode 13: Building A Community, My Struggles To An Instant Tribe Leader  

I believe we can change the world, but first, we’ve got to stop living in fear of being judged for who we are. 

Hi, I’m Genecia Alluora, founder of the number one leading female entrepreneur network in Southeast Asia supporting one million women to own and love the F-word. Being fabulous, having freedom, financial independence, and family. We’ve challenged women everywhere to stop talking themselves out of their dreams. 

Soul why? Secrets of the Soul Rich Women Blueprint identifies the excuses to let go of, with behaviors to adapt and the skills to acquire on the path, growth, confidence, and believing in yourself to be recognized as a leader online, great clients online and to have more impact on the world. 

Stop believing the lies about who you are, so you can become who you are meant to be, you are just an F-word away from the life you want, the marriage you want, the family that you want is going to be fueled by the business in life you build. 

Join me, be a soul rich woman. Alone we are strong, together we are unstoppable! Welcome to the show.

Hello and welcome to today’s episode. 

I want to be sharing with you how I built a community and my struggles to becoming an instant tribe leader.
So my struggles to build a community are very real, right? First and foremost, a community means you need to grow the women in the community. 
First, they must love and want to be a part of you. Two, they must have stickiness within the community, stickiness means that you know, they are sticking around and not join and go. And third and foremost, you wanna build a community that sustainable and that was the biggest thing I had to overcome with just my own limiting belief of "I don't deserve to be paid", I should just do it for free. Helping other women means helping them for free. Then a question I ask myself, "Why do you pay male mentors? Why do you pay guys? Coaches, you know? Men? Teachers? Consultants? Why are we paying all these people?" and when we women say "We wanna help somebody, I will value, suddenly drop to the ground and down to hell" literally.  Like, negative zero, you know.  So, I struggled. 
Building a community called 'Soul Rich Woman" and first was the free helping through the weekly webinars and of course along the way, many of the women joined my business, that means they join, they wanted me to help them to start their business online or bring their business online so that was how I started doing consulting work and mentorship as well to help, to bring their business online by looking at their online presence, what kind of messaging and of course is recognized as a brand that you don't have to wait like tiger balm, you need to build thirty, forty and fifty years like the x-oil, you don't have to build 60 years, you don't have to be like the Ta Hua Tian Co build another thirty, forty years, you don't need that long to be visible online.
So, as helping them to shortcut their success in return for my giving value away for free, giving high-value content away for free, so it did convert as I started to rise up as instant tribe leader and building a community was not easy because you know women, of course, have their choices, they come and go and of course some of them whom sometimes will also gossip about you and say “Aaah, you know, you are a community that only pay and pay” but actually that’s not true, we have more than three thousand episodes of free content out there, on Facebook, on Instagram, on our website, but it is these ignorant women whom I do not want to serve, so it took me a while to find tune whom I want to serve.

So I set up a table of the women I want to support in the community and women I do not want in the community. It sounds harsh, but you know what? By doing so, we then can our talents and give thanks to the right women who really want our support in the right manner because when like-minded people come together, there is power and strength, so by choosing whom we serve in the community definitely did help the community grow, and because of that, we multiplied, we grew, our numbers grew, the numbers of countries were in grew, like I said results show. 

So, what I did was I wrote down, we actually have four called values in Soul Rich Woman. First, no gossiping. Two, ask clarifying questions. Three, play win-win, together we win. Four, no judgment because you never know until you walk among in the other person’s shoes. By this, I just four by the many that I have in our core values and the people, women that we want to help and by stating all these values out and listing all these values out and consistently working our messaging, working our offers and values, be in love with the people you serve. Don’t be in love with the product that you create, that’s the other thing I’ve learned, be in love with the people you serve and not the products that you create, and because I knew that women I want to serve, I was in love with them. 

Because of that, we then created products that could serve these women and that’s how we grew. The last thing was stickiness, and of course, having a sustainable model. It was hard to overcome my mindset, really difficult because I really just wanna help them because success is just one step away, they are just one F-word away to unlocking their financial independence, and then I became so busy, I was married to busyness instead of my business, I was married to my busyness because I was undervaluing myself, my time by giving myself too freely away and then because of that, I wasn’t able to be productive in the way I served my women, in the end, I decided to structure my business model to business sustainable by giving them these value system of value letter system which I’ll be covering later to later topics.

How I leverage a value better system to build up a sustainable business model that could help other women, allow me to support other women worldwide and be a happy woman at the same time because we can have an owned F-word, we can have it all, being fabulous, having freedom, financial independence and family. Because of this transition and breaking through of my mindset, the women should help women for free, I was able to grow the community, above and beyond my wildest dreams, and because of my, this knowledge, I was able to grow and help other women to build up their instant tribe leader, titles, to help them to build their own community and one of my success stories is the women of courage community.                                                                  Lilian came to me, lost and confused, I guided her completely using the Soul Rich Woman Blueprint to turn a mess into a message, to turn offline into online strategy so that she can give value and help other women to be courageous and be brave. 
Because of this, she became a speaker on twenty-five platforms in five countries in just twelve months. With my mentorship, she was able to grow women of courage from one member to a few hundred members in just one year.

Today, she has celebrated her first anniversary and I’m so proud of her. Lilian, you have done so well and made me so proud as your mentor.

So girl, when you’re listening to the other side, on the other side. When someone else is successful, when a woman is successful, it doesn’t mean that you are losing. It simply means that there is hope in their dreams, in your dreams right now and we want to help you to succeed.

So, check out the Soul Rich Woman Blueprint and find out how we can help you to build a community, to become an instant tribe leader so that you will shortcut your success and grow your community in the right way.

I hope you enjoyed today’s sharing and I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you for the next episode.

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